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Khorasan Sourdough

This loaf is made using 40% Khorasan organic wholemeal for a light wholemeal loaf with a sweet wheaten flavour. The dark rye leaven introduces a subtle sour note.

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For a 950g boule...


SM Untreated Organic White Flour #4 (104) 278g (60%)
SM Organic Khorasan Flour (413) 187g (40%)
Water 361g (78%)
100% hydration 100% dark rye leaven 63g
Mixed Seeds 52g
Salt 10g


Day 1
02:30 PM - Autolyse the flours and the water
04:30 PM - Mix in the leaven and the seeds, then rest for 10 minutes
04:45 PM - Mix in the salt and any additional water if the dough looks too stiff. Knead for 2 minutes on the dough hook (speed 2)
04:50 PM - Bulk ferment for 4.5 hours on the worktop – inc. 5 stretch and folds: two at 15 minute intervals, remaining every 30 minutes
05:05 PM - 1st stretch & fold
05:20 PM - 2nd stretch & fold
05:50 PM - 3rd stretch & fold
06:20 PM - 4th stretch & fold
06:50 PM - 5th stretch & fold
09:20 PM - pre-shape
09:25 PM - Rest covered – but if it begins to spread, continue onto the next step
09:40 PM - Shape and place into a lined basket
09:50 PM - Rest on the worktop
10:10 PM - Proof it in the fridge for 10.5 hours

Day 2
07:40 AM - Preheat oven gas mark 9 (GM9) with a baking cloche
08:40 AM - Bake – cloche GM9
09:20 AM - Bake – cloche lid off GM7
09:35 AM - Transfer to a wire rack


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