Honey oat and spelt sourdough



140 grm oats

275 grm hot water, leave for a hour,  add grated lemon zest.


110 levan

280grm warm water

45 gram of honey ( add to water)

105 spelt flour

445g no 4 shipton mill flour

11 g salt


soaker - mix 140 grm oats and 275 grm hot water, leave for a hour,  add grated lemon zest.

autolise the flours and water/ honey for half hour, add levan and soaker, slap and fold until window Payne, then add salt.

bulk at 24c, folding every half hour until jiggly and risen, mine took 4 Hours.  cut into two pieces, shape and bench rest for 15 mins.  Final shape.  Put into well  floured baskets and retard in fridge overnight.  Next morning, heat lodge in oven to 240c. Slash top and cook 15 min covered.  Take top off lodge and  turn oven down to 220c for 20 min.  Lovely soft crumb  bread, i used a eucalyptus honey which really came through. My tea towel has a honeycombed texture to it, which really comes out in the bread with great effect.

Tags: Bread Spelt

Added by: Gillian Pugh

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