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Fruitcake Hater's Fruitcake

Adapted from Gourmet Magazine

December, 1977

By Gary Rubin

Makes four 9 inch [230 mm] x 5 inch [125 mm] loaves or Eight 3 1⁄2 inch [90 mm] x 7 inch [180 mm] loaves, Grease pans and line with greaseproof or baking parchment

Oven 250° F [130° C]


Fruitcake Haters Fruitcake3 lb [1.4 Kg] dried apricots

1⁄2 lb [220 g] pitted dates

2 lb [900 g] pecans or walnuts

1 lb [450 g] sultanas

4 c [450 g] sifted flour

2 tsp [8 g] cinnamon

2 tsp [8 g] baking powder

1 tsp [4 g] allspice

3⁄4 tsp [3.8 g] salt

1 lb [450 g] butter, room temp.

2 1⁄4 C [425 g] brown sugar

1 C [240 ml] honey

10 eggs, room temp.

1 C [240 ml] apricot nectar [can substitute peach puree]

2 Tb.[30 ml] lemon juice

1⁄2 C [120] light cream

1 C [240ml] brandy

1⁄4 C [120 ml] orange liqueur

1. Measure flour into a large bowl.

2. Place apricots and dates in a second large bowl and sprinkle with some of the flour from the first bowl.

3. Place metal colander or large sieve over first bowl and “drain” the apricots and dates, shaking the sieve to remove excess flour (and recombine it with the rest of the original 4 cups of flour

4.  Slice apricots and dates coarsely, chop nuts [chopping is optional] and mix with sultanas and put into very large bowl or stockpot.

5.  Mix remaining dry ingredients with flour and either sieve or sift to combine well. Add about 1/4 of dry ingredients to fruit and nuts; reserve the rest.

6.  Cream butter and sugar in a mixer

7.  Add honey and eggs, one at a time. Mixture may separate or look curdled if eggs are added too fast but don’t worry; it doesn’t affect the finished loaves

8.  Add remaining 3/4 of dry ingredients to batter and mix briefly

9.  Add apricot nectar, lemon juice and cream to batter and mix thoroughly but do not overmix.

10. Pour batter over fruit and mix thoroughly. You can use a large wooden spoon to mix, but it’s easier to use your [scrupulously clean] hands.

11.  Spoon mixture into prepared pans and press down a bit to fill gaps. Can decorate top with a few candied cherries and nut halves.

12.  Bake 2-3 hours until it tests done [inserted toothpick comes out dry and free of crumbs] done, depending on size.

13.  Mix brandy and orange liqueur and sprinkle over warm loaves.

14. When cool remove loaves from pans and wrap in plastic and foil

15. Age for at least 1 week

16. Will keep for months if refrigerated.

*Metric units are approximate

Tags: Cake

Added by: Gary Rubin

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