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English Pale Ale with sweet chestnut flour

Here's a recipe for a hugely popular beer, for the home-brewers out there. This makes 400 litres so divide by 20 to get the 20 litre standard home-brew size. The sweet chestnut flour is from Shipton Mill

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ABV 5.4%

OG 1054

GF 1013

IBU 30


600 Litres of Hot Water pre-treated with 360ml of CRS



-       MOPA              86%      68.0kg

-       Melanoidin        4%       3.6 kg

-       Crystal              4%       3.6 kg

-       Wheat               4%       3.6 kg

-       CaraRed           2%       1.8 kg

80.6 kg


PLUS    Chestnut Flour               8 kg


PLUS    200g CASO4


MASH                           65 degrees C

MASH liquor                 240 litres

SPARGE liquor             290 litres





@70     Challenger hops            18 IBU              

@30     Fuggles                        8 IBU   

@15     Protofloc

@ 5      EK Goldings                 4 IBU   



@ Flame Out     2 kg Chestnut Honey

Added by: Jim Taylor

Tags: Chestnut Beer

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