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Easy white loaf

Tried & tested easy white loaf for great results for beginners

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40g oive oil

15g salt

15g dried yeast

750g strong white flour

250g milk / oat milk / water

250g water


Utensils / baking equipment

Food mixer with dough hook

2 x Loaf tin measuring circa 27cm (long) x 17cm (wide) x 8cm (deep) one tin lined with grease proof paper



1) Add all ingredients into bowl

2) Using food mixer / dough hook knead for 3 mins

3) Rest for 5 mins

4) Using food mixer / dough hook knead for 3 mins

5) Rest for 30 mins

6) Using food mixer / dough hook knead for 3 mins

7) Shape into a cyclinder and place in baking tin with grease proof paper

8) Cover with other loaf tin inverted (this stops loaf drying out)

9) Rest for 30 mins (until loaf has almost reached top of lower tin)

10) Turn on oven to max (220° fan assist / 240° standard electric / gas mark 9) and leave to heat up for 10 mins

11) Place loaf in oven with inverted tin still on top

12) Bake for 10 mins

13) Reduce oven to 200°C fan assist / 220°C standard electric / Gas mark 7

14) Bake for 15 mins

15) Remove inverted loaf tin

16) Bake for 12 mins

17) Remove from oven

18) Place on cooling rack to cool

19) Eat!


A few notes and observations. 

I have been using an aluminium tin from a supermarket purchased chinese duck as my loaf tin.  By placing the additional tin on the top both during the rising/ proving stage as well as during baking stops the loaf drying out.    The other advantage of the loaf tin with these dimensions is that it then fits moist UK toasters perfectly - there is nothing more annoyiing than having to cut the side or top off aslice of bread in order to get it into the toaster.  


Prior to placing the loaf in the oven you can make very gentle diagonal cuts across the top of the loaf which makes it more attractive on the eye and adds to the texture.  I have also tried lying thin strips of dough over the top of the loaf as well as mixing the flour with 80% (600g) strong white flour & 20% (150g) wholemeal or malted flour.  


I will add a few more phtos of this loaf and its variants over the next few weeks

Added by: Charles Hill

Tags: Bread White

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