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Cornflour Sourdough

Making a loaf of Sourdough with added Corn Flour

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300-400g Strong white flour

100g-200g Corn Flour 

50g active Starter

300-350g Water

10g Salt

Mix all ingredients together starting with Water and starter and ending with Flours and then salt. Let sit 45min-1hr.

Perform 3-6 sets of stretch and folds

let sit on counter covered for 8-14 hrs depending on room temp.

in the Morning, pull dough into a ball and place into a floured bannetton. Place in Fridge for 1-5 hrs.

Bake in DO or similar for 40-50min @ 220C(fan) or 240C (conventional)


Bakes an airy, light and tarte version of the classic American Cornbread. 

Added by: DEGPedersen

Tags: Bread Sourdough Corn flour

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Bread machine

Possible to make this in a bread machine?

Mr George Baley 14 June 2019

RE: Bread machine

Hi! Possibly you could use a bread machine If you substituted the sourdough starter for a yeast sachet you could, but I only bake with sourdough so I really don’t know... If you just want corn bread though- I suggest using the Fannie farmer cookbook recipe - you can find easily with a google search and it take 20min to bake and like 10 to prep.

DEGPedersen 14 June 2019

RE: Bread machine

I use my bread machine to cook a range of sourdough breads using one of my 3 different starters with good success so far. Of coarse not artesian but works for me. Do you think I should increase the starter amount in your recipe as my sourdough program on my machine is 7 hours?

Mr George Baley 14 June 2019

RE: Bread machine

Wow! I didn’t know you could use sourdough una bread maker, how fun! Since you have experience with it I say just try it! Maybe start off with 75-100g of starter and see if in needs more or less. I wouldn’t use too much more than 100g though cause it can make the dough really sour. I’d love to hear how this works out for you!

DEGPedersen 14 June 2019

RE: Bread machine

Will do! BTW anyone looking for the cornflour in your recipe they can find it at www.buywholefoodsonline.co.uk.

Mr George Baley 14 June 2019

Re: Cornflour

Hi, Thanks for your recipe When you say corn flour do you mean something like fine polenta and not the white powder cornflour used to thicken stews?

Doughtastic - Graham 18 March 2019

RE: Re: Cornflour

Hi! I mean cornflour- not polenta mix. I wish I could attach a pic to show you- but the bag will simply say-“ Cornflour” Or “Cornflour sifted”. In the States we would use cornmeal to make quick cornbread with eggs, but this is a sourdough take on the same thing. Hope this helps!

DEGPedersen 18 March 2019

RE: Re: Cornflour

Thank you, I'm intrigued. I with try this out.

Doughtastic - Graham 18 March 2019

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