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Clive's crusty rolls

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For a crusty roll set an over night sponge of

Flour white                       100%

salt                                       2%

water                                  56%

Stand at ambient temperature for 16 to 20 hours

Next day

Dough up

Flour white                         100%

salt                                         2%

yeast fresh                              2%

malt extract                            0.5%

water                                    60%

sponge                                  30%

Finished dough temp 25 to 28oc.

Dough up but make sure you add the sponge half way through the development to avoid the sponge part over developing.

Stand in bulk covered to avoid skinning for 1 hour and then scale into 60 to 80 gram units mould into a rough round and give 15 mins intermediate proof.

Then mould into your final shape prove for 40 mins covered to avoid skinning and bake at 2300c for 12 mins.

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malt extract?
what type of malt extract ? Diastatic or non-diastatic?

- beaudelicious 03 April 2010

sponge query
Should the sponge include yeast?

- beaudelicious 01 April 2010


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