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Chestnut Soufflés

A kind of flan-like / soufflé dessert. It expands quite a lot during the cooking in the oven. You can either eat them warm or store them in the fridge for a cold dessert... they are equally delicious.

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- 100g of chestnut flour

- 4 eggs

- 150g to 200g sugar (prefer brown sugar for extra flavour)

- 0.5 L of milk

- vanilla extract for flavour


step by step ... :

well... dry ingredients first! mix the sugar and flour together. It's quite sweet at the end and you can try to diminish the amount of sugar.

Add the eggs, and mix to have an homogeneous mix.

Then ... wet ingredients: add the milk. The result is quite liquid and in an early version I was going to even 3/4 L of milk.


Pour the dough into some stoneware ramekins.

Put in the oven for 30-40 min at 190°C (~370°F). The dough will expand and crack open like in the picture.


hum... what else? ah! Eat.

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