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Chestnut Cake

Tuscan Cake

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mix four eggs with a small pot of yoghurt and two pots of sugar, sieve in two pots of plain flour and two pots of chestnut flour.

Pour in one pot sunflower oil and mix.

Dissolve sixteen grams of baking powder in half a pot of milk and add.

Bake at one hundred and eighty degrees for about forty minutes In a tin lined with greaseproof paper or in bun cases for a shorter time and make fairy cakes with thick Greek yoghurt.



Added by: Julie Cunningham

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Chestnut cake

Do you have any measure menta for your chestnut cake. ? A pot if yoghurt cup is that what you mean? A small yogurt cup??

Marisa 17 May 2019


Hey that's great - now I can give the recipe a try. Thanks very much! I'm such a klutz I need to know exactly what the quantities are or I struggle. But I think I can make this now - I'm looking forward to it!

Andy Stansfield 16 May 2014

Chestnut cake

Pot of yogurt, pot of milk, pot of flour - recipe sounds good but I'm afraid I have no idea what a 'pot' is! I was grateful for the 16 grams of baking powder which I can measure, but pots - I'm clueless!

Andy Stansfield 16 May 2014

RE: Chestnut cake

I think you missed the word small :) I use the small longley farm pots but I'm sure they're all much of a muchness and a cup will suffice, hope it is delicious

Julie Cunningham 16 May 2014

RE: Chestnut cake

It is common in Italy to make cakes measuring by small pots of yogurt, instead of cups, which we do not have measuring devices. This chestnut cake is a modern(and more palatable) take on the traditional castagnaccio, a cake, not always sweet, which was made only mixing chestnut flour with water, sprinkling on top pine nuts and rosemary. Was traditionally sold outside schools in winter months, especially on the Apennines, when not much else was left.

Ottavia Mazzoni 16 May 2014

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