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Cheese and black pepper sourdough

Savoury bread at it's finest, the cheese gives it an indulgent flavour while the pepper offers relief and a touch of spice. Great as bread, great as toast just bake one.

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200g soudough starter (I use a rye starter but any should work)

500g bread flour

250g water

7g salt

75 grams cheese

pepper to taste


Combine bread salt and water into a paste then add the starter.  Knead to about 90% of what you would normally do, for me this is about 9 minutes by hand or in a stand mixer 4 minutes on low, 1 minute rest and then 3 minutes on low.  Then add the cheese and pepper, I wrote to taste in the ingredients, I like a strong flavour so I add about a teaspoon and then a few more cracks but you may want to start with 3/4 of a teaspoon and go from there.  If kneading by hand I tend to flaten the dough out and stick the extra bits in the middle then give it a minute or so of work, by stand mixer I would typically just dump it in and give it a whiz for a minute or so on medium.

Leave the dough covered in a warm room for 3 - 4 hours, you are looking for it to about double in size, it probably won't grow as much as your usual sourdough loaf on this first prove (my don't anyway).

Knock the dough back by placing it onto a lightly floured surface and shaping it into a ball, it should be roughly the same size as before the prove once you've done this.  Then do a stretch fold all the way around, flip it over and drag it on your floured surface and turn about 45 degrees and repeat until the dough starts to feel like it's tight on top.  Invert into a floured banneton for shaping or faling that a bowl with a floured tea towel in it and place in a warm room for 2 1/2 to 3 hours to prove.  Again you are looking for roughly doubling in size, if in doubt leave it longer.

Heat your oven to 210C (fan) with a baking tray inside to warm, once up to temperature flour the surface of the tray and turn your loaf out, don't worry if it sticks a bit, give it a sharp bang and it should come out and/or tap the top of the banneton/bowl.  Once on the tray use a bread lame or a very sharp knife to score the bread then stick it in the oven for 30 -35 minutes - you may wish to put boiling water or ice cubes in a tray at the bottom of you oven if that is your usual sourdough method.

Once baked leave to cool completely before slicing and enjoy.

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Cheese and black pepper sourdough

What a lovely recipe ! Can I prove this overnight in the fridge as I usually do with my sourdoughs ?

kathiewalker 11 May 2020

RE: Cheese and black pepper sourdough

I never have myself with the cheese in, but I have without and found it ok. I tend to find an hour or two at room temperature is needed to achieve the full rise.

Graza 11 May 2020

Love it, Great recipe.

Just finished this recipe, turned out great. Plenty of rise and a great taste. I usedthe Hobbs bakery starter with Shipton mill's number 4. Cheese was mature cathedral city, I recommend this for anyone who loves cheese.

Stotty82 03 May 2020


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