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Challa Loaves

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900g bread flour (100% Shipton Mill Organic White, or a 50 to 70% mix of white with the remainder Extra Course Wholemeal)
2 sachets easy blend yeast
1 half dessert spoon salt
3 dessert spoons sugar
130g rapeseed oil
2 eggs
400 mls warm water
100g raisins, soaked overnight in water
Mixed pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds to sprinkle on top


1) Mix all ingredients, except raisins, either by hand or using a mixer and dough hook. The mixture should not be too dry, if necessary add more warm water, if too sloppy add a little extra flour.

2) Place in warming drawer or oven at lowest temperature to prove, covered with cling film.
When doubled in size, take out and knead or beat again as before, adding the drained raisins. Don't worry if the mix is a little wet.

3) Halve the dough and place one of the halves on an oiled board.
Knead and then roll out into a rectangular shape, approximately 12 by
8 inches. With a knife cut into 5 strips lengthwise that remain joined at one end.

4) Plait the strips together, strand 2 over 3, strand 5 over 2 and strand 1 over 3, repeat until the plait is completed then join the 5 remaining ends together.

5) Repeat with the other half of the dough.

6) Brush with 1 beaten egg yolk and sprinkle the seeds on the top.

7) Place both loaves on a lined oven tray in the oven again at the lowest temperature.

8) When the loaves have doubled in size turn up the heat to 190C in fan assisted oven (210C in a regular oven, gas mark 7). Bake for approximately 30 minutes until the loaves sound hollow when tapped underneath.

9) Leave to cool on a cooling rack.

Added by: Jan Goldstein

Tags: Bread Seeds

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