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Cake & Pastry Recipes

Mini apple strudel bakes

These are essentially a lazy version of a South Tyrolean apple strudel (which uses a sweet shortcrust pastry instead of the puff pastry or filo used in other apple strudel recipes), where basically you just mix all the ingredients for both filling and dough together, spoon them out in small heaps and bake - taste similar without all the hassle!

Added by: MarthaA

Tags: Cake, Pastry


An update of the classic Chelsea bun, but without the currants. A fruity, fragrant bun to eat warm.

Added by: allonestring

Tags: Buns, fruit

Eggless Semolina Cake

This is a very easy and simple cake recipe. I often bake this together with my children for their school snack box.

Added by: Wei Ling Yong

Tags: Cake, Semolina

Staffordshire Oatcakes

Staffordshire Oatcakes are made like a pancake but are not so light with more texture and they are really filling. They go best with savoury fillings of all sorts.

Added by: Richard Torpey

Tags: Biscuits, Oats

Lemon and pistachio twists

Sweet and indulgent lemon twists - perfect for an afternoon treat with a cup of coffee! This recipe makes 15 twists

Added by: Andrew Richards

Tags: Pastries, Nuts, Lemon

Ricotta pastries

Easy recipe for delicious pastries from Eastern Europe. Only few ingredients and different filling options.

Added by: Kristina Laubscher

Tags: Pastries


Simple cheesecake with potatoes

Added by: Pawel Majewski

Tags: Cake

Choc Chip cupcakes

Moist and chocolate goodness

Added by: Kirendeep Bagri

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Golden ginger sponge

Makes 16 bouncy sponge squares, perfect for picnics and lunchboxes.

Added by: Benna Schellhorn

Tags: Cake, Ginger

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Quick, simple and oh so yummy! This recipe can easily be halved, but it's best to make the whole batch because they store amazingly well in the freezer.

Added by: Steven Rosam

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Savoury soda bread variations

Savoury soda bread with cheese and chives. A tasty, quick variation on a traditional favourite

Added by: Peter Stevenson

Tags: Soda Bread, Savouries

Sage and onion pull apart rolls

Deliciously soft, fluffy, savoury buns, which when broken open, reveals a sage and onion filling dispersed through the bun. Spread on some good quality salted butter and you are done. Excellent for picnics, accompanying soup or just as a snack by itself. They freeze very well and I tend to bake 3 batches in one go every few weeks as they are a perfect after school snack and a great way to utilise my very prolific sage plant!

Added by: Alta Ridgway

Tags: Rolls, Savouries

Treacle and syrup fresh ginger cake

Ginger cake made with three types of ginger and a wonderful mix of dark treacle and golden syrup

Added by: Lorina

Tags: Cake, fruit

Cookies/biscuit recipe

A quick and simple biscuit recipe

Added by: Kirendeep Bagri

Tags: Biscuits

Margherita Cake (Gluten Free)

A pleasantly soft and delicious cake, an experience you won't forget!

Added by: Francesco Fumera

Tags: Cake, Gluten Free

Rhubarb Cake

In May we always have an abundance of rhubarb. It’s a fantastic vegetable for crumbles, jam, cakes or just stewed with a bit of ice cream. We appreciate it even more because there isn’t much else from the garden at this time of year. Here’s a cake I bake a lot when there’s rhubarb about.

Added by: Chris Vernon

Tags: Cake, fruit

Italian Biscoti

Quick yet delicious biscuits to snack on

Added by: MaBeCa

Tags: Biscuits

Vegan meat balls

Vegan version of a Swedish dish called Mandelfrikadeller.

Added by: Ramona Zadissa

Tags: Savouries, Vegan

Arepas with chicken and avocado (Reina Pepiada)

A tradition in the northern countries of South America

Added by: andrew WELLS

Tags: Savouries

Jalepeno Cheddar Sourdough

Scrumptious crowd pleasing loaf

Added by: Matt_C

Tags: Sourdough, Savouries

Mushroom and Garlic Bread Pinwheels

This recipe is a white bread filled with a gorgeous buttery mushroom and garlic filling. It is mouthwatering and can accompany any meal such as pizza, lasagne, pasta etc. Or it can just be eaten on it's own as a tasty snack

Added by: Rajinder Kaur

Tags: Savouries

Spicy Savoury Bread and Butter Pudding

We have all had those moments right, where despite our best efforts our bread gets stuck and what comes off our pizza stone or out of our baking tin looks like a loaf of bread that has been run over a few times. However all is not lost, that bread can be used to make a savoury bread and butter pudding that makes the whole situation a little less saddening. I have used sourdough bread, onions, bacon and chilli here, but honestly use whatever you have to hand.

Added by: Carl Lewis

Tags: Savouries

Fat and Sugar Free Cake

Delicious and perfect fruit cake without fat or sugar.

Added by: Kerensa Hobbs

Tags: Cake


I use a bread machine to make the dough but you can do by hand too.

Added by: samantha Barfoot

Tags: Buns, fruit, SweetBread

Spandauer - proper Danish Pastries

Light, crisp pastry with traditional custard in the middle - just like from the bageri when back in DK. It's a big involved but worth it!

Added by: jlrasmussen

Tags: Pastries

Ultimate Raisin & Chocolate Teacakes

OK, so if like me you love a toasted teacake with a generous helping (slice) of butter on it you just have to try this recipe. Some of the steps may seem a little excessive (like the 24hr cognac bath for the raisins) but trust me – the results are worth it.

Added by: Anton

Tags: Buns, fruit, SweetBread

Strawberry Sponge Cake

A Brown flour type Sponge cake with a twist

Added by: Kirendeep Bagri

Tags: Cake, fruit

Wheat sourdough biscuits

perfect for dunking

Added by: Donna Tai

Tags: Sourdough, Biscuits

Chestnut with Chocolate Cake

This is a traditional family recipe used for many years to make a great treat for any occasion!

Added by: Emmanuelle Cuq

Tags: Chestnut, Cake, Chocolate

Carrot and apple sourdough muffins

Really delicious way of using your sourdough discard. Makes about 12 American sized muffins, or, as I prefer about 12 english buns/fairy cake sized treats. Both seem to take about the same time to cook though

Added by: Meera Smethurst

Tags: Muffins, Savouries

Simple hot cross buns with orange glaze

A simple hot cross bun recipe, which is easy to do with kids!

Added by: liamthatcher

Tags: Buns, fruit, Spices

Spinach and feta topped bread

Delicious vegetarian option and good alternative if you're languishing in a lunchtime sandwich rut! Also freezes very well.

Added by: Maclizzie

Tags: Savouries

Spelt Cinnamon Scrolls

An easy and delicious treat for any time of the day!

Added by: Heather Ellson

Tags: Rolls, SweetBread

Gluten Free Easter Lamb

Recipe for a sweet dough with a fine crumb which works well for baking molds with a volume of around 0.8 - 1.0 L

Added by: e&mbaking

Tags: Cake, Gluten Free

Coffee Cake (with coffee buttercream icing and walnut topping)!

A fluffy, spongy coffee cake, easy to make if you love coffee and walnut – with coffee buttercream It is super delicious! We enjoyed making the coffee cake, together as a family during lockdown and loved it!!

Added by: niran

Tags: Cake

Fruit Scones

Delicious soft fruit scones

Added by: Fliss.

Tags: Cake, fruit, Scones

Italian corn biscuits

Crispy polenta biscuits, enjoy in the Veneto fashion with a small glass of sweet sherry or wine

Added by: Lon Barfield

Tags: Biscuits, Corn flour

Post Easter Creme Egg Brownies

Soft, fudge like brownies with some of those left over creme eggs, if there's any left over that is!

Added by: stevescorner

Tags: Cake

Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

These sourdough hot cross buns are soft and incredibly fluffy. They’re perfectly spiced, not too sweet, and enjoyed by all- especially the kids!

Added by: Martin Cekel

Tags: Buns, Sourdough

Sourdough cinnamon buns

Perfectly soft buns to use up sourdough

Added by: Jasmine Carr

Tags: Buns, Sourdough

Cinnamon Squares

Cinnamon Squares are really very much delicious and tasty in taste with a nice aroma of cinnamon you can feel in every bite. Cinnamon Squares can be made with butter, caster sugar, flour, cinnamon powder, eggs, salt and chopped nuts.

Added by: Sanaullah Khan

Tags: Biscuits

Hot Cross Buns (Gails x Nigella x Me!)

The one and only HXB recipe you will ever need. Sounds complicated but 100% worth it.

Added by: Hugh Dixon

Tags: Buns, SweetBread


English muffins

Added by: Artykinkajou

Tags: Muffins

Soft Crunchy Sweet Potato Bread

Has anyone got picky children?! Here’s how to hide vegetables in bread! These loaves are soft and slightly squidgy. I slice then freeze a loaf or two so that I can use a slice at a time. Great for supper with a poached egg. Very filling!

Added by: Raquel Pugin

Tags: Savouries

Fig & Cinnamon Buns

Chelsea buns with a twist - using Fig, Spelt and Pumpkin Seed Flour, dried figs, and cinnamon for a decadent sweet roll.

Added by: Katie Howe

Tags: Buns, SweetBread

Gluten free Chewy Anzac Biscuits

These biscuits / cookies taste amazing. Are gluten free and egg free anyway but can also be made dairy free.

Added by: J LEVY

Tags: Biscuits, Gluten Free

Custard cream biscuits

Melt in the mouth butter biscuits

Added by: Philippa Lovemore

Tags: Biscuits

Emmer ring cake

Added by: Raffaella Ricca

Tags: Cake, Emmer

Cinnamon & Sultana Swirl Loaf

Delicious flavour and sweetness without being gooey! Lovely warm for breakfast or as an afternoon treat with a cup of tea. Can even be made the night before and left to rise in the fridge overnight, ready for a warm and tasty breakfast treat! This makes a 1lb loaf.

Added by: Moira West-Brown

Tags: SweetBread

Homemade doughnuts

So much better than anything from a supermarket, and you can customize your own filling!

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Cake

Vanilla Sponge Cake

A perfect recipe if a simple vanilla cake is what you are looking for. Not so surprisingly, the list of ingredients is fairly standard but good quality organic flour along with good organic eggs, precise measuring and correct oven temperature the result is always delicious. You can ice or decorate it as you like to serve on any occasion.

Added by: Berrin Looker

Tags: Cake

Ravioli With 2 Cheese Filling (For 2)

At last a ravioli recipe without a soggy middle.

Added by: Paul Buck

Tags: Savouries

Vegan Celebrations' Fruit and Nut Cake

A dense rich fruit (or fruit and nuts) cake for all celebrations: Christmas, Easter, birthdays, weddings or anytime because it is so tasty. I'm not a vegan but have to admit that it is the tastiest fruit cake I've ever tried! Keeps well too.

Added by: Fiona Rynn

Tags: Nuts, Cake, fruit

Cheese and Herb Grissini

This simple grissini recipe is quick to put together and a great way for all of the family to get involved with shaping dough. Obviously the thinner the better in terms of crispiness but our kids loved experimenting with lots of different shapes and it was all good!

Added by: Samuel Carlton

Tags: Grissini, Savouries

Sourdough English Muffins

Moreish Muffins using my three flour sourdough leaven

Added by: Rob on the Allotment

Tags: Sourdough, Muffins

Coffee and walnut cake

Your best cup buddy! The vegan experience is worth the try just to shake this up a little bit. Why waste the aquafava anyway when there are so many things you can do with it? More than that, there is no need to panic when you suddenly realised that you are out of eggs in the end. Flax seeds would also do I would think but my experience did not go that far. Hope you can enjoy too!

Added by: Irene Ktori

Tags: Nuts, Cake

Custard Puffs

Light and fluffy dessert perfect for every occasion.

Added by: Andras Roth

Tags: Cake

Chocolate & Banana marble cake

A yummy, super soft marble cake - delicious for breakfast

Added by: Francesca Lo Castro

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Ciabatta Sourdough Olive Loaf

Olive loaf using spelt sourdough starter, ciabatta flour, salt, olive oil and green pitted olives

Added by: Laura Libricz

Tags: Sourdough, Ciabatta, Savouries

Linzer cookies

Family's favourite cookies with jam

Added by: Pavla

Tags: Biscuits

Gingerbread people

A fairly simple recipe for gingerbread, that's fun to make and fun to serve/eat. We made people and Christmas trees! But you could make any shape, depending on availability of cutter or your artistic capabilities!

Added by: Tim Howard

Tags: Biscuits, Ginger

Spelt Short Crust Sausage Rolls

The family will only eat these sausage rolls (preferably still warm from the oven). What more can I say?!

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Savouries


A glorious mix of organic Chapatti flour, organic Hemp leaves, hemp flowers, oregano, basil, marjoram, thyme, bay leaves, black pepper, parsley, sage.

Added by: George Wheeler

Tags: Savouries

Date & Walnut Loaf

Moist and tasty loaf that can be served with or without butter

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Nuts, Cake, fruit

Easy and Tasty Coconut Biscuits

These coconut biscuits are very more-ish but they do keep well in an airtight container.

Added by: Maria Devine

Tags: Nuts, Biscuits

Staffordshire Oatcakes

Possibly the best option for breakfast or lunch! Great with melted cheese or with breakfast toppings like eggs & bacon

Added by: Annette Waterhouse

Tags: Biscuits, Oats

Sourdough Crackers

What a great way to use up sourdough discard! Pairing options are practically endless and with no nasty oils these crackers are a refreshing crunchy delight from store bought ones.

Added by: Steven Rosam

Tags: Sourdough, Biscuits

Rye Angels

This is a sweet treat or a nice decoration if you add some icing. Alternative to gingerman, being more delicate in flavour and robust in structure.

Added by: Annerinya

Tags: Rye, Biscuits

Apple & Cinnamon Cake

Light and fluffy, moorish cake - its ok its got fruit in it to make up for your 5 a day ;)

Added by: luke Daly

Tags: Cake, fruit

Sourdough black olive and mozzarella tear and share

Tear and share cheesy olive sourdough, 1 day prove and then baked in the morning ready for lunchtime.

Added by: pmcgavin

Tags: Sourdough, Sourdough, Savouries

Oven baked Pastry with mashed potatoes and hotdogs

These pastries are oven baked , you can use a variety of fillings . I used organic white flour .

Added by: Lisa kerr

Tags: Pastry, Savouries

Czech rohliky or other sourdough shaped buns

This is recipe on traditional baked goods we eat in Czech Republic as substitution to bread, but it tastes totally different than bread.

Added by: Lucie Reczkova

Tags: Buns, Sourdough

Fennel Parathas

Indian flatbread with spices

Added by: diva

Tags: Flatbreads, Savouries

Christmas Shortbread Crunch Biscuits!

I love a crunchy biscuit with a Christmas time cuppa, and lots of home made biscuit recipes end up a bit soft. This one gives a proper crunchy biscuit! With the extra sparkle of the sprinkled sugar and the end. Perfect for after dinner coffee or tea! You can make the dough early, ready to bake with kids or anyone who needs a lttle christmas job!

Added by: Sophie Hurr

Tags: Christmas, Biscuits

Sourdough crackers

Delicious sourdough crackers. Lovely topped with chutneys!

Added by: Gareth Harris

Tags: Savouries

New Forest Pear Cake

This is a delicious variant of Dorset Apple Cake

Added by: Robert Norley

Tags: Cake, fruit

Courgette Chocolate Brownies

Super-moist, Uber-chocolatey squares of (very slightly healthy) Deliciousness

Added by: R R

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Tahini & cinnamon sourdough twists

Super elegant, super tasty, super straightforward middle east-inspired pastry

Added by: Matt Ashworth

Tags: Pastry, Savouries

Sun dried tomato bread

Yummy & easy Sun dried tomato bread

Added by: Irene Breen

Tags: Savouries

Sourdough English Muffins

Freshly baked sourdough muffins for breakfast!

Added by: Jenny Zigzag

Tags: Sourdough, Muffins

Super Buttery French Biscuits (SBF)

For that Je ne sais quoi French taste, try this sure-fire recipe for great results!

Added by: Milly Sandoval

Tags: Biscuits

2 - 4 - 6 BIX

Plain and simply the best. Children can (and do) bake (and eat) these biscuits.

Added by: Jane Newland

Tags: Biscuits

Easy Dairy Free Chocolate Swiss Roll / Yule log

Great for making with the kids!! tasty, simple and looks impressive!! Delicious extra chocolatey icing. very easy to ice! Good for birthdays or Christmas!! Heres's a birthday version!

Added by: Sophie Hurr

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Mediterranean sourdough loaf

An easy sourdough loaf bursting with rosemary and sun-dried tomatoes

Added by: SMF

Tags: Sourdough, Savouries

Cheese scones

Tangy mature cheddar and a generous shake of cayenne pepper make these scones a lovely savoury treat.

Added by: Hattie

Tags: Scones, Savouries

Rustic Chocolate Cake

Easy to eat, easy to bake yet delicious

Added by: MaBeCa

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Pear and Walnut Autumn Fougasse

A delicious tear and share bread that perfectly compliments a good cheese.

Added by: Lochranzabaker

Tags: Savouries

Pastel de Nata

These classic Portuguese custard tarts are delicious - and not as complicated or tedious as you might think!

Added by: Josiah English

Tags: Pastries

Olive Tapenade Tear 'n' Share

This tear 'n' share bread is perfect for parties and family events, filled with either homemade olive tapenade or cheat like me and buy it from the shops. Can also be done with chocolate spread or peanut butter for a lovely sweat treat!

Added by: Matt Callaway

Tags: Savouries


Mooncake with red bean paste fillings

Added by: Cheng Chen

Tags: Cake, Savouries

Choc chip vanilla cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies with vanilla

Added by: Kirendeep Bagri

Tags: Biscuits

No Knead Turmeric & Black Pepper Bread (Gluten Free)

Vegan, oil free, salt free sugar free soft and stodgy bread.

Added by: Karl Matthews

Tags: Savouries, Gluten Free

French Onion Bread

Super tasty bread to make as rolls or a whole loaf to use for picnics/sandwiches - can be eaten on its own, doesn't require a sandwich filling

Added by: juliatk

Tags: Savouries

Seeded Sourdough Biscuits

After making sourdough bread there is always some starter and leaven left over. I use up this excess by making these wafer-thin seeded crackers – perfect with cheese!

Added by: Jane Pinn

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough, Biscuits

Sourdough Pumpkin Loaf Bread

Brioche style enriched dough and pumpkin puree baked into a classic bread loaf. Easy to make with minimal hands on time. Amazing still slightly warm with butter, perfect to accompany warming autumn soups, but also great for a special Sunday breakfast treat toasted with chocolate spread or honey. Can also be made into individual rolls.

Added by: Kristina Laubscher

Tags: Sourdough, Savouries

Honeyed Wholemeal Loaf

This recipe makes two good sized loaves infused with raw local honey to compliment the flavour of the wholemeal flour without making it too sweet.

Added by: Jude S

Tags: SweetBread

Monkey Bread

A delicious, tear-apart bread that you can flavour in a zillion ways. My favourite is saffron and garlic, but you can make sweet versions too.

Added by: Dough Girl

Tags: SweetBread

Pumpkin sourdough

Amazing bread perfect for wet autumn days. Full of healthy stuff such as pumpkin puree and lots of seeds. The dough it fairly hydrated and more suitable for semi to experienced bakers. (But if you are a beginner and want to try it anyway just google few videos 'how to shape high hydration dough' and GO FOR IT!)

Added by: Calum Nicoll

Tags: Sourdough, Savouries

Chocolate Brownie

So Chocolatey Brownie

Added by: waljitkaur

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Traditional homemade baklava recipe as handed down through the generations....in other words this is how my grandmother used to make it. I used Shipton Mill organic white flour and the result was mouth wateringly good. Crispy flakes on the outside, sweetly moist on the inside dripping with syrup! It takes some time and effort may be but it is worth it.

Added by: Berrin Looker

Tags: Pastries

Bread Buns - My favourite simple recipe

As easy as it gets - 4 good sized rolls.

Added by: Laura Yeatts-Walker

Tags: Buns

Poor mans Brioche

So this still tastes great, mark my words. I am just on a quest to eat beautiful foods day by day rather then week by week because of how bad they actually might be for you! These are prefect for a midweek burger - far less guilt about smashing back tons and tons of butter!!!

Added by: Ky Brasey

Tags: Buns, Brioche

It’s Not Terry’s, It’s Mine Cake

A delicious, tried and tested flavour combo; Chocolate & Orange cake, with velvety soft chocolate ganache, and a beautiful light sponge. It’ll be hard to share...

Added by: stevescorner

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Lavender oatflour shortbread

You can use a variety of gf flours to make these, adjust proportions to suit.

Added by: jess birmingham

Tags: Biscuits

Rosemary and sun-dried tomato Khorasan loaf.

Fresh slices of this savoury bread provide an excellent accompaniment to all sorts of cheeses. A lovely smell of Rosemary filled the kitchen when we toasted a few left-over slices.

Added by: Peter Stevenson

Tags: Khorasan, Savouries

Sultana bran/tea loaf

Moist and delicious tea loaf made with whole meal flour, bran flakes and plump, juicy sultanas - a family favourite.

Added by: Alison Richards

Tags: fruit, SweetBread

Sourdough chocolate brownies with bourbon biscuit pieces

A simple brownie recipe that gives you brownies with a doughy centre, a slightly crisp outer layer and crunchie biscuit pieces in the middle.

Added by: Rob Webb

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Chestnut cookies

Gentle sweetness of chestnut flour allows to reduce sugar.

Added by: Polina Vytnova

Tags: Chestnut, Biscuits

Mini fluffy frankfurter buns

These bitesize frankfurter buns are my children's favourite snack!

Added by: Emily Tsui

Tags: Buns

Parkin (Dark)

Must leave and wait until Bonfire night, if you can!


Tags: Cake, Ginger

Brownie Cookies!

The gooey softness of a brownie, mixed with the delicious of a cookie! Very easy and delicious :)

Added by: Lubica Ibrahim

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Oatmeal crackers

These crackers are so quick and easy to make and are the perfect accompaniment to a cheese board.

Added by: robin watkinson

Tags: Biscuits


The popular Italian biscotti. Easier to make than you’d expect. Flavour with Hazelnuts and aniseed, for authenticity, or almonds and orange. Dunk into strong black coffee or dessert wine.

Added by: davidturton

Tags: Nuts, Biscuits

Universal yeast dough

This recipe can be baked in bundt tin as is or it can be used for variety of pastries: strudel, filled buns, cinnamon buns, roll in shape of croissant etc. It is little bit sweeter dough, so if you are going to fill it, adjust the sugar amount either in the dough (down up to 80g) or the sweetness of the filling.

Added by: Lucie Reczkova

Tags: SweetBread

Coconut cake

a simple moist coconut cake

Added by: Julien CAP

Tags: Cake

Poppy Seed Pastie

Perfect Pastie with Less Fat

Added by: Paul Buck

Tags: Savouries

Nanna's Easy Fruit Cake

My Nanna was a confectioner by trade, she was born in 1902.

Added by: arachnia

Tags: Cake, fruit

Cornish Heva (Hevva or Heavy) Cake

This is a quick cake originally made to provide some sustenance for the pilchard fishermen returning with their catch.

Added by: Angeline Edney

Tags: Cake

Sourdough Banana & Chocolate Muffins

A great way to use-up some of your sourdough discard. Makes 12 Muffins. Freeze brilliantly.

Added by: Antony Hatfield

Tags: Cake, Muffins, fruit

Oat enriched white buns

Soft oaty enriched buns for picky kids!

Added by: Fritha Fortini

Tags: Buns, Oats

Braided sweet bread

This is my mom's recipe for Christmas braided bread and is absolutely delicious. The texture of the bread is rich, yet fluffy and the sweetness is just right - not too sweet, but not too plain. It even stays fresh for few days. Add raisins or almonds to give an extra nutty or fruity flavor to really make it stand out.

Added by: Lucie Reczkova

Tags: SweetBread

Albert The Tall's Dorset Knobs

Traditional Dorsetshire biscuit, size of a golf ball, high temperature start, then long low bake to crisp. Used by nurdlers (Google it!). Apparently made by bakers with the sweepings of the bakery floor at the end of the shift and left in the oven until the next shift when they were eaten - complete with sawdust and rodent droppings (optional!).

Added by: billcrumbleholme

Tags: Biscuits

Wholemeal Seeded Round Bread Buns

How to quickly make 16 delicious, wholemeal, seeded, round bread buns (rolls, muffins) using a Panasonic or similar bread maker for mixing and first rising of the dough.

Added by: dougarts

Tags: Buns, Seeds

French traditional shortbread from Poitou

The Broyé du Poitou, an old, traditional French recipe for a buttery biscuit coming from the Poitou region of western France. Easy to make, doesn't need a special tin and traditionally broken into little pieces, for sharing, by giving one big punch to the middle of it. The hard biscuit then breaks into chunky shards.


Tags: French, Biscuits

Coconut Oatie Biscuits

Moorish, crunch oat biscuits with coconut and drizzled with dark chocolate!

Added by: aguzzo

Ginger fairings

These are beautiful with a cuppa. My daughter loves them in her school lunch box. Yield - 32 approx. Enjoy!

Added by: nabsers

Tags: Biscuits, Ginger

Highland Shortbread

Crisp, authentic, simple to make shortbread.

Added by: Steve Bell

Tags: Biscuits

Italian chocolate chestnut cake

Based on recipe for Castagnaccio, a delicius Italian chocolate cake made using chestnut flour

Added by: apeake

Tags: Chestnut, Cake, Chocolate

Honey Challah

Only started making bread during Covid-19 lockdown and tried making breads from around the world. This is an amazing sweet bread, really soft and easy to make although proving takes a while it is so worth the wait

Added by: Karen S

Tags: SweetBread

Tea cake

This is a delicious fat free tea cake which is incredibly easy to make!

Added by: Catherine Rosenberg

Tags: Cake

Spicy fruit buns

Lovely soft buns, can be made dairy free, freeze well and can be adapted to use different spices and fruits

Added by: Alison Bromley

Sourdough Stromboli

Like pizza in a roll! Delicious whilst warm and great for a picnic.

Added by: Jenny Zigzag

Tags: Buns, Sourdough, Pizza

Boiled Fruit Cake

A really moist tasty fruitcake, it is the ultimate feel good cake for my family. I'd like to add that it has has good keeping properties but it never lasts long enough for me to test!

Added by: Bernie Brooks

Tags: Cake, fruit

This and That Bread

A lovely, rich flavoured and versatile bread with beautiful texture made from a mix of different bread flours. All the flours in the recipe are Shipton Mill. I call this recipe 'This and That' because really you can change the ratios of the flours to suit or to whatever you have in stock. The malt/sunflower and extra coarse flours add super texture.

Added by: Barbara Pollard

Tags: Cake, Maslin

Hot cross buns

An adaption of a famous cook's recipe that wasn't fruity or fragrant enough for me!

Added by: Lara Stafford

Tags: Buns

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This chocolate chip cookie recipe makes some super squidgy cookies, filled to the brim with chocolate chips.

Added by: Ellie Partridge

Sourdough courgette feta fritters

These fritters are so easy to make and cook in minutes : crispy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. You can make them in advanced (up to 2 days), just store in the refrigerator (or freeze them for up to one month) and re-heat a few minutes in the oven when needed. Makes 12.

Added by: Sylvie Soreau

Tags: Savouries

Einkorn Chocolate Digestives

Sweetmeal Einkorn Chocolate Digestives . Perfect accompaniment to a nice cuppa tea.

Added by: Helen Clarke

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate, Einkorn

Sourdough discard crackers

The easiest and best sourdough discard crackers!

Added by: Stephanie Pettigrew

Tags: Biscuits, Crackers

Chocolate, Banana Oat Bread

Delicious and healthy take on traditional banana bread that isn't too sweet and makes a perfect breakfast alternative with butter. Best banana bread I have ever tasted!

Added by: Fiona Rynn

Tags: Cake, fruit, Chocolate

Paprika and chili sourdough crackers

Delicious sourdough crackers perfect with hummus or guacamole. Very easy to make and a good way to use your sourdough discard!

Added by: France Barth

Tags: Biscuits, Crackers

Apricot Teabread

Fruity and delicious . Keeps well and can be frozen. It tastes even better if stored for a few days after baking.

Added by: Jayne Roworth

Tags: Cake, fruit

French Raisin Biscuits

Delicate light and buttery biscuits with a slight crunch

Added by: Christine BLANCHET

Tags: Biscuits

Cinnamon Buns

Delicious and easy

Added by: tom

Tags: Buns

Seeded Rye Biscuits

Something tasty to go in the oven with the bread.

Added by: Paul Buck

Tags: Rye, Biscuits

Orange or Lemon Polenta Cake

Scrumptious flavoursome orange or lemon with grittiness of the polenta and tender rubble of ground almonds!..a heavenly tea time delight!

Added by: niran

Tags: Cake, fruit

Summer Vegetable Quiche

Light quiche great hot or chilled using fresh veg and serve with with salad or chips!

Added by: paulsheldon

Tags: Savouries

Brioche burger buns

Delicious brioche bun. Does not take a lot of work only a bit of patience. The dough can be used for both burger and hotdog buns.

Added by: Bskott

Tags: Buns, Brioche

Easy one bowl chocolate chip cookies

Soft, chewy and speedy chocolate chip cookies

Added by: Bri Dunn

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Brioche Buns

Brioche is a bread of French origin that is similar to a highly enriched pastry, and whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb. I love making halloumi burgers with this recipe, yum!

Added by: Nathalie

Tags: Buns, SweetBread

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy and delicious, much deeper than your average cookie because they are left to rest in the fridge overnight. Patience is required, but it's oh so worth it!

Added by: elliefleur

Sourdough chocolate brownies

Chocolatey, dense but not too sweet... these are brownies for grown-ups.

Added by: Pip Sanderson

Tags: Sourdough, Cake, Chocolate

Banana and Blueberry Muffins (vegan)

Delicious, light, and tasty muffins. Easy to make. #cake #muffin #vegan

Added by: RAD

Tags: Cake, Muffins, fruit

Bara Brith

My mothers fruit loaf

Added by: rangefindergeneral

Best Chololate Cake Ever

Seriously, this is the best, most moist, chocolate-y cake every

Added by: Ilaria

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Blueberry cake

Soft and moist

Added by: s_bakes

Tags: Cake, fruit

Chewy, flavourful bagels

Chewy on the inside and a great crust on the outside. Topped with poppyseeds. Uses a mixer and dough hook for ease. We love ours filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese!

Added by: Cathy Smith

Parmesan Shortbreads

Easiest recipe ever !! Small shortbread discs of crumbly delicious cheesiness. Fabulous with pasta or just nibbled with wine. Just 3 ingredients and ready in under quarter of an hour!! WARNING Totally addictive and highly calorific.

Added by: RookieBumpkin

Tags: Biscuits, Cheese

Sourdough Starter Crackers

As many people have during this lockdown, we began to make sourdough bread but, as any sourdough baker will know, there is a lot of spare starter. We have been trying to find a delicious cracker recipe for ages and it turns out that all we needed was some sourdough starter. It's a great recipe to have to hand and easy to remember too!

Added by: Joanna Cross

Tags: Sourdough, Biscuits, Cheese, Crackers

French Apple Cake

A French apple cake with subtle hints of spiciness brought out by dark rum

Added by: ShiptonLou

Tags: Cake, fruit

Hot Cross Buns

Sticky, fruity and delicious

Added by: sandiemidd

Tags: Buns

Casatiello ( italian Easter bread )

This recipe comes from south Italy, and it's traditionally served on Easter day and the day after! It's a delicious rich brioche filled with a mix of different cheeses ( Emmental, gruviera, provolone ) and cured meat (salami, pancetta, ham). This is the king of the table on Easter day, but, for to be honest, I love it any time of the year! Just put it on the middle of the table and see it disappear piece by piece! A mixed salad, some more cured meat like mortadella, salame, some cheeses, soft boiled eggs, grilled vegetables and that's it! And if you go on a picnic and you wanna impress everyone, bring it over and see people looking at you as the best Baker of the world!

Added by: Giuseppe

Tags: fruit, SweetBread

Belgium Buns

Popular iced bun with lemon curd and dried fruit

Added by: Robbie Lowes

Tags: Buns

Apple and maple cake

A delicious, nutty spelt cake. VERY easy. And no refined sugar!

Added by: Benna Schellhorn

Tags: Cake, fruit

Oat cookies

Simple, quick to make biscuits/cookies made with oats and flour. Makes 12.

Added by: Tim Howard

Tags: Biscuits, Oats

Blueberry & Banana White Spelt Puffins

A scrumptious cross between a pancake and a muffin. Easy to make too

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake, Muffins, fruit

Chocolate cookies

Added by: Karina Klekotko

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Old Fashioned Oatcakes

Delicious Old Fashioned Oatcake Recipe

Added by: Andreea-Maria Trandaf

Tags: Biscuits, Oats, Savouries

Sourdough crackers

Great for using up sourdough starter discard

Added by: Stephanie Pettigrew

Tags: Sourdough, Crispbread, Savouries, Crackers

Birthday Cake

Added by: Cheng Chen

Tags: Cake

Chocolate chip cookies

Easy to make chocolate chip cookies with a healthy twist (using wholemeal flour)

Added by: BakerLou

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Homemade Yorkshires.

Simple and Quick to whisk up, and perfect Everytime.

Added by: RHAN

Tags: Savouries

Almond Cake (Gluten Free)

Added by: Nordic Kitchen stories

Tags: Nuts, Cake

Vegan Pasties (Chickpea & Veg Filling)

Delicious vegan pasties, and the filling can be changed

Added by: Clare Seek

Tags: Savouries

Ossetian flat breads stuffed with chard

Beetroot tops are often thrown away, which is a great shame as they taste delicious, especially in spring. Their flavour is sweet and earthy, reminiscent of chard. They use beet tops a lot in the Caucasus. This recipe is inspired by Ossetian pies. Ossetians are highlanders just North of Georgia. These pies are probably as old as the hills because traditionally three are served and each signifies a different element - earth, water and fire. I fell in love with their story, and with their outstanding flavour. They are normally brushed with melted butter as they come out of the oven, but I love to go one step further and smother them in beurre noisette. Try it, it will be the best thing you will eat this spring.

Added by: Olga Woodhouse

Tags: Flatbreads, Savouries

Chilli cheese and onion bread

A chilli/cheese/onion flavoured wholemeal bread, with a rich cheesy crust. Light in texture, and if a stronger flavour is preferred, hotter chilli’s can be substituted! It is a modified 50:50 wholemeal loaf recipe which uses a (Panasonic SD-2500) bread machine for much of the work.

Added by: ljw

Tags: Savouries

Pumpkin Rolls

Really cute Pumpkin Rolls, perfect for autumn

Added by: Rebecca Mears

Tags: Savouries

Damson & Apple Upside Down Cake

Beautifully moist and not overly sweet - best 'upside down' recipe I have come across! Can be served cold as a cake or warm as a dessert.

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake, fruit

Chocolate oat biscuits (vegan)

A proper chocolatey biscuit for colder autumn / winter days, with a nice cup of tea! Completely vegan, travels well for packed lunches too!

Added by: Sophie Hurr

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate, Gluten Free

English Muffins

These bakes are versatile; toast them for breakfast with butter and jam, or slice them open for a nice sandwich!

Added by: Madhavi Gajjar

Tags: Muffins

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best chocolate chip cookies Ive ever had, and Pretty easy to do.

Added by: RHAN

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Chocolate cookies recipe

Chocolate cookies

Added by: Ana Costa

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Ginger "Hobnobs"

Organic ginger hobnobs... easy to make, and quick to bake! the perfect for a cuppa! Plastic Free, Dairy free / Vegan.

Added by: Sophie Hurr

Tags: Biscuits, Ginger

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Super easy recipe that will give you soft, gooey & crunchy cookies every time!

Added by: Ameena Nur

Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Simple Plum tart

Based on fresh plums and crusty sugared dough ("pâte sucrée")

Added by: Julien CAP

Tags: Pastries, fruit

Chocolate Beetroot Cake

A dark, moist, deeply chocolatey cake.

Added by: Fiona Rynn

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Vaiva's cake

My friend inspired me to create this cake. I just threw ingredients together and it worked like magic. It must be love.

Added by: rolling stone

Tags: Cake

Coconut & Cherry Spelt Shortcrust Biscuits

A melt-in-the-mouth teatime treat! Extremely easy to make!

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Biscuits, fruit

Black Treackle seeded Bread

This bread is absolutely delicious! You will have to force yourself to put the loaf down! it's also very easy to do. My first attempt was a 100% success.

Added by: Tetyana Shumska

Tags: SweetBread

Cheese, Potato, Chilli Bread with Gram & Semolina Flour

With flavour reminiscent of a cheese & chilli straw, this bread puffs up nicely in the oven and goes well with tomato/pepper soups, chilli con carne and other tomato/pepper based dishes.

Added by: SL Merry

Tags: Spices, Savouries

Almond Highlanders

This shortbread variation beats "the best" hands down...…….and is so easy to make. Its so moorish you need to make two batches at the same time!!


Tags: Biscuits

Sweet bread with with marzipan and dark chocolate

A treat for breakfast or light dessert, with marzipan and chocolate inside eggy, fortified loaves

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: SweetBread, Chocolate

Carrot and walnut muffins

Moist, delicious and wholesome – and they don't taste at all like carrots! Top them with cream cheese icing or enjoy them just as they are. This is based on a recipe from Susan Reimer's book 'Muffins: Fast and Fantastic'.

Added by: A Fermenter

Tags: Muffins

Yorkshire Cakes

My great-great-grandmother Ann Vickerman started her working life at Sledmere House near Malton. When she married, her friend, Mary Harrington, who was the cook, gave her a cookery book as a wedding present.The book was 'A New System of Domestic Cookery' by Maria Eliza Rundell. It was first published in 1806 and her copy, which has now come down to me, is the 1840 edition. In the chapter on 'Bread' there is a recipe for something described as Yorkshire Cakes. Unlike modern cookbooks there are no illustrations and much of it is written on the basis that the reader will know what to do! Things such as 'cook in a slow oven' do not translate well to a modern hi-tech oven. With a certain amount of trial and error and filling in the blanks I have reconstructed what I think these were. I cannot find any other recipe for these or mention of them elsewhere. As a proud Yorkshireman I could not let this part of the county's heritage be forgotten. Essentially, it is an enriched dough bread bun, or as we call them in West Yorkshire 'teacake'. Great for lunchtime sandwiches, or a BLT and something really unique to bring out for the summer BBQ.

Added by: Rodney Noon

Tags: Cake

Organic Pinhead Porridge Oatcakes

Prize Winning Oatcakes!

Added by: catherine spencer

Tags: Biscuits, Oats, Savouries

Treacle and fennel seed bread maker loaf

Moist tasty loaf. Delicious spread with fresh butter. Also goes well with a sharp cheddar.

Added by: JMB

Tags: Breadmaker, Savouries

Seedy Squares

Crisp squares of flatbread topped with Pumpkin Seeds, Spelt & Malted Wheat Flakes. Eat these on their own, with cheese, pate or hummus.

Added by: SL Merry

Tags: Seeds, Biscuits, Savouries

Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Tray Bake

Very simple yet delicious.

Added by: J LEVY

Tags: Cake, Gluten Free, Lemon

Baked Cookie Dough with Ice Cream

The perfect easy dessert - Delicious baked cookie dough with plenty of chocolate chips and Ice cream. What's not to love?

Added by: Yasmin

Tags: Biscuits

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Deliciously lemon drizzle cake

Added by: waljitkaur

Tags: Cake, Lemon

Lemon Sponge with Summer Berries and Rhubarb

This is an amazing layered vertical sponge with candied rhubarb and a summer berry buttercream, and meringue topping. A real showstopper!

Added by: Baron Ilan

Tags: Cake, fruit, Lemon

Sourdough Pain Au Bacon (2 loaves)

A delicious bacon sourdough with a crispy crust and moist interior. Recipe Adapted from Ken Forkish’s Flour Water Salt Yeast.

Added by: Jash

Tags: Sourdough, Savouries

Langos with cheddar and spinach

Langos is a fried bread originally from eastern Europe (Hungry, Slovakia) made of wheat flour, potato and eggs. They are very easy to make and they combined very well with both sweet or savory toppings, delicious when freshly made!

Added by: Michel Osca

Tags: Cheese, Savouries

EASY Great Aunt’s Ginger Biscuits

A popular sugary treat from a great aunt who once posted them to our family

Added by: SL Merry

Tags: Biscuits

Buttery Shortbread Rounds

Easy, all-butter biscuits that make a perfect teatime treat

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Biscuits

Cheese straws

Yummy cheese straws made with a bread dough

Added by: Doughtastic - Graham

Tags: Savouries

Vanilla Cake

Added by: manal

Tags: Cake

Spelt with sun-dried tomatoes

Fearing that a loaf made totally from Spelt Wholemeal flour might turn out to be rather dense I was hesitant to give it a try. However, allowing the mixer some extra minutes to work the dough plus adding some sourdough starter to the mix, seems to have made the difference. Using a loaf tin offers some support to the dough in its second proving and the end result is a loaf with excellent taste and texture. Creating a moist atmosphere in the oven before putting in the loaf seems to encourage a bit of ‘oven spring’. This recipe adds sun-dried tomatoes and some fennel seeds to enrich things. Another way of varying things is to reduce the Spelt to 400g and mix it with either 100g of Three Malts & Sunflower Brown Flour or 100g of Seeded White Organic Flour Using a sharp bread knife, it’s possible to cut thin slices which provide a tasty basis for lunchtime sandwiches. Now I just need to order some more Spelt Flour…

Added by: Peter Stevenson

Tags: Spelt, Savouries

Swirls with walnuts and raisins for bread machine

Delicious little buns to share with your little coffee,

Added by: Hana Hardwick

Tags: Buns, Breadmaker, Nuts, fruit

Swedish Ginger Biscuits (Pepparkakor)

Spicy, crunchy wafer thin, melt in the mouth ginger biscuits. Makes 80-100 Biscuits

Added by: Nordic Kitchen stories

Tags: Biscuits, Ginger

Lisa K's Beetroot Burgers

Made with quinoa and buckwheat flour, healthy and very tasty with a touch of spicy heat. Vegan friendly and gluten free. Best with organic ingredients. ❄❄❄❄ well after cooking.

Added by: Lisa Kafton

Tags: Savouries

Irish Porter Cake

This is a really lovely rich cake. If you soak the dried fruit in Guinness overnight it makes the fruit really plump and juicy . It is a good idea if you can wait to leave the cake once baked for at least a week before cutting, not easy but worth it as the flavours mellow and deepen.

Added by: Rhona Murphy-Norais

Tags: Cake


A crunchy, chewy biscuit with zingy lemon. Perfect with a cup of tea!

Added by: Ameena Nur

Tags: Nuts, Biscuits

Jamaican Ginger Cake

Sticky and sweet - improves having been kept in an airtight container for a few days. I cook in batches of 3 as this cake freezes well. Option to top with lemon icing

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake, Spices, Ginger

Lisa K's Pumpkin buns with chestnut filling.. tastes as good as it looks

Made with sourdough and organic ingredients .. Freezes well.

Added by: Lisa Kafton

Tags: Buns, Nuts

Sourdough biscuits with leftover starter

delicious either sweet or savoury and so easy to make

Added by: Anne Chapman

Tags: Sourdough, Biscuits

Ginger Spiced Carrot Cake

A warming ginger spiced, fruit and nut filled carrot cake!

Added by: Poppy Sayers

Tags: Cake, Spices, Ginger

Date and walnut loaf

To add a little crunch I topped with chopped caramelized hazelnuts dusted in cocoa

Added by: Julia hawthorn

Tags: Nuts, Cake, fruit

Vegan/Dairy Free/Egg Free Lemon Drizzle

A moist lemon drizzle with no dairy or eggs

Added by: Clare Seek

Tags: Cake, diary-free, Vegan, Lemon

Grenadian Spice cake

A simple to make and really tasty cake that has a nice bit of spice

Added by: Natalie Sheridan

Tags: Cake, Spices

All Butter Sultana & Raisin Cookies

Butter Sultana cookies, crisp and chewy on the outside, soft in the middle, with beautiful dried fruit throughout.

Added by: Peterb1511

Tags: Biscuits

Swedish Vanilla Dream Biscuits

These super light biscuits are so delicious you won't be able to resist eating them all!

Added by: Nordic Kitchen stories

Tags: Biscuits

Orangy Gingersnaps

Crisp on the outside and chewy in the centre - my perfect biscuit! Adding orange zest is the perfect twist to this gingery treat

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Biscuits, Ginger

Burger buns brioche

Burger and hot dog buns made brioch style with sourdough and kefir.

Added by: Gillian Pugh

Tags: Buns, Brioche

Lego Shortbread

Good shortbread using semolina, in the shape of Lego

Added by: Lon Barfield

Tags: Biscuits

A simple date and oats cake

Little drops of heaven

Added by: monikabiesek

Tags: Cake, Oats, fruit, Chocolate

Sourdough English Muffins (makes 8+)

Inspired by ever growing quantity of discarded sourdough. Muffins are an any time scrumptious treat. Try toasted with Lemon Curd.

Added by: Doughtastic - Graham

Tags: Muffins


Scrumptious and moist banana oats muffins (for kids) with no added sugar. Pure organic and packed with nutrients and....very yummy too.

Added by: Annapurna Chandani

Sourdough banana muffins

Slightly sweet muffins - great with peanut butter!

Added by: Selene

Tags: Sourdough, Cake, Muffins, fruit

Rhubarb cake

Rhubarb cake with vegan meringue topping.

Added by: Selene

Tags: Cake, fruit

Home made Oat Milk

A healthy alternative to dairy, which has the advantage of saving you money over the shop-bought varieties.

Added by: Jennifer Hole

Tags: Savouries

Organic Spelt Orange Cake

Super soft and moist, dairy free, egg free vegan orange cake

Added by: bridgemc121910

Tags: Cake, fruit

Dried Cranberry & Fresh Orange Zest Loaf Cake

A fruit filled, year-round bake that comes alive in your mouth; a delightful fusion of cranberries, orange and vanilla!

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake, fruit

Three malts focaccia with fennel

The flavour of this variety of focaccia is enriched by using Organic Three Malts & Sunflower Brown Flour and adding some fennel seed to the mix. The quantity of fennel seed can be adjusted to suit your taste. Some white bread flour in the mix helps to keep a light texture.

Added by: Peter Stevenson

Tags: Italian, Malt, Focaccia, Savouries

Vegan Sponge Cake

Venturing into the world of vegan baking, this was a surprisingly lovely sponge

Added by: Clare Seek

Tags: Cake, Vegan

Ginger Biscuits

The Best Ginger Biscuits

Added by: Jan@work

Tags: Biscuits, Ginger

Fig and hazelnuts biscotti

This Italian biscuits called biscotti which means twice baked are my favorite festive bakes . Give it a go, your house will smell festive for hours, your cookie jar will be full ( not for long ) they are a real treat, perfect gift for friends and family.

Added by: Laura Bigsby

Tags: Nuts, Biscuits, fruit

Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding with a twist...

A recipe just in time for Stir-Up-Sunday - or pretty good any time from now until just before Christmas. (Give it a week to mature at least!).

Added by: gfshiptonmill

Tags: Cake, Gluten Free

Vegan Gluten Free Cupcakes

Vegan gluten free vanilla cupcake recipe

Added by: waljitkaur

Tags: Cake, Gluten Free, Vegan

Cinnamon sourdough apple cake

A delicious way to use up extra sourdough starter

Added by: Julia Collins

Tags: Sourdough, Cake, fruit

Banana cake with nuts and chocolate

With the current autumn and the colder months, we notice greater desire for carbohydrates, especially those not healthy .. I try meet you half way and share with you more healthy alternatives, eg. cake

Added by: monikabiesek

Tags: Nuts, Cake, fruit

Sourdough Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake

An easy recipe for moist apple cake using leftover sourdough starter

Added by: WendyK

Gluten-Free Profiteroles

Lovely tasty profiteroles, a very scrummy treat from our friends at Seasoned cookery School!

Added by: ShiptonRebekah

Tags: Pastries, WheatFree, Chocolate, Gluten Free

Spelt Choc Chip Shortbread

Crisp and creamy shortbread recipe that takes seconds to make!

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Spelt, Biscuits

Gluten Free Burger Buns / Rolls. Version 2 with Almond flour

Excellent easy to make rolls for burgers or anything else!

Added by: J LEVY

Tags: Buns, Gluten Free

Gluten Free Oat and Blueberry Cookies

With friends and family with coeliacs disease or a gluten intolerance I wanted to devise a recipe that everyone could eat. These cookies are so moorish, like a little rocky cake, they are crunchy and chewy with a fruit pop! They can also be dairy free if you substitute the butter for coconut oil, happy days.

Added by: Nordic Kitchen stories

Tags: Biscuits, Gluten Free

All-in-one Chocolate Cake

Super-speedy chocolate sponge that's light and moreish.

Added by: Christine L

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Jalapeño and Cheddar Sourdough

Jalapeño and Cheddar Sourdough, cheesy with a little heat

Added by: Nelson Mansfield

Tags: Sourdough, Savouries

Frosty Top Lemon Loaf

A loaf cake with an exceptionally good lemon flavour and perfect texture, and the crisp topping is a real bonus

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake, Lemon

Yogurt Cake

Easy yogurt cake

Added by: Ioana Mihut

Tags: Cake

lazy beetroot bread

A vibrant purple bread bursting with good flavours and good nutrition.

Added by: kal

Tags: Savouries

Vegan paté

Sweet potato and lentils paté

Added by: Jan Czerbak

Tags: Savouries

Pumpkin and walnut sourdough

Perfect bread for the autumn, although it can be prepared all year round as long as you find pumpkin. Really great along a good blue cheese.

Added by: Antonio Cerezo Iglesias

Tags: Sourdough, Nuts, Savouries

Simple and delicious chocolate cake

Who wants chocolate cake put your hands up

Added by: monikabiesek

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Pear & Hazelnut Muffins

These easy muffins are made in minutes, and perfect for lunchboxes or coffee-time treats.

Added by: Christine L

Tags: Spelt, Muffins

Wholemeal Vegan Sweet Potato Paratha

Crispy, sweet and savoury Vegan paratha

Added by: Selina Pal

Tags: Savouries, Vegan

Spiced apple loaf cake

Gorgeous, soft loaf cake with a warming hint of spice and the tang of apples - made in a panibois

Added by: Lynn Clark

Tags: Cake, fruit

St Piran's parsnip and pulse Pasties

A seasonal recipe, it may be pie week, but the week started on Sunday with St Piran's day, the patron Saint of Cornwall. To celebrate, here's a veggie variation on the traditional Pasty theme.

Added by: Sophie Hurr

Tags: Savouries

Chocolate and chestnut brownies (Gluten-free)

Deliciously gooey chocolate brownies, made with chestnut flour, so that they can be enjoyed by those restricted to gluten-free foods as well as those who are not.

Added by: Juliet Collis

Tags: Cake, Chocolate, Gluten Free

Sourdough raspberry and blueberry buns

A delicious way to use up extra starter.

Added by: Julia Collins

Tags: Sourdough, Muffins

Ceri Jones's Gluten-Free Chestnut, Ginger & Pear Cake

I love using chestnut flour in cakes for its naturally sweet flavour, meaning very little sugar is added to the cake.

Added by: gfshiptonmill

Tags: Chestnut, Cake, Gluten Free

Onion and Thyme Bread

This is a bread that I have been making for a few years now and have arrived at this recipe by experimentation. The quantities of onion and thyme seem to work OK but can be varied to suit personal taste. For some reason unknown to me, I find this bread does actually keep fresh for a day or two longer than a basic bread, although the aroma of the onions and thyme make it so appetising to me that it rarely has chance to go stale.

Added by: Peter Foster

Tags: Savouries

Blueberry and hazelnut muffins with lemon and poppy seeds

These gluten free muffins are a favourite with children. The addition of lemon zest and poppy seeds makes them really special.

Added by: joanransley

Tags: Nuts, Muffins, fruit, Gluten Free

Buckwheat and spinach pancakes

With mixed vegetables and tahini and dressing. Some of the best pancakes in the world are made from buckwheat flour. They are really crisp and easy to make. This colourful dish is great for a vegetarian meal.

Added by: joanransley

Tags: Pancakes, Savouries, Gluten Free

Little Lemon Cakes

Individual lemon drizzle cakes with plenty of zest and a pleasing crunch

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake, Lemon

Rhubarb cake with green macha

This simple, versatile cake looks stunning if made with young, pink new rhubarb that comes into the shops in January. The rhubarb can be substituted with blueberries , raspberries, plums or strawberries if you would like to vary things a bit.

Added by: joanransley

Tags: Cake, fruit, Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Raspberry and Apple Muffins

Makes 6 large muffins: you can make these at any time of year using frozen raspberries, but using fruit in season make deliciously fruity muffins with a lovely citrus burst in the mouth, and the ground almonds add richness and moistness without making the result too heavy. These went down very well in the office at Shipton Mill!

Added by: gfshiptonmill

Tags: Muffins, fruit, Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Apple Tart

This apple tart takes a tad longer to prepare due to cooking and pureeing the fruit prior to baking, but it produces a lovely smooth tart with a good flavour, and looks really good if you leave red skins on the sliced apples for decoration - only if you're using organic fruit though. The gluten-free pastry can be made in advance and kept cool in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Added by: gfshiptonmill

Tags: Pastries, fruit, Gluten Free

Gluten-free Blueberry Pancakes

These are delicious in summer served outdoors with fresh fruit and yoghurt, or crushed summer berries and maple syrup. Make them in winter leaving out the blueberries, and turn them into something more substantial for Sunday mornings - serve them with grilled bacon and maple syrup, garnished with a slice of orange, Martha's Vineyard style. Makes around 5/6 American style pancakes

Added by: gfshiptonmill

Tags: Cake, Pancakes, Gluten Free

Gluten-free Victoria Sponge

Gluten-Free version of a classic, great to share! Gluten-free flour can have a 'dry' mouth feel, but using the tried and tested Victoria Sponge recipe with our blend produces a good result. Load it up with berries and edible flowers for a really pretty tea party.

Added by: gfshiptonmill

Tags: Cake, Sponge, Gluten Free

Butterfly Cupcakes

Most successful cupcake recipe I've used to date! Makes 12

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake

Coffee and Walnut Victoria Sandwich

This is one of the best loved of all my cakes in our family!

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake

Raspberry and lime yogurt cake

This is a delightful, soft beautifully flavoured cake which is gluten free and easy to make. It doubles up nicely as a pudding served with fruit and ice-cream.

Added by: joanransley

Tags: Cake, fruit, Gluten Free

Galettes Nantaises

Nantes shortbread recipes - a French classic biscuit

Added by: Lynn Clark

Tags: Biscuits

Greek Yogurt & Orange Blossom Cake

This is one of my most popular cake especially during the summer months. It's light, moist and bursts with citrus and floral tones... I top it with crushed pistachios and rose petals for a middle eastern twist.

Added by: Valerie Janicki

Tags: Cake


Vegetable samosas, you won't be able to eat only one!

Added by: ElainePatricia

Tags: Savouries

coconut oats cookies with sourdough starter

Healthy oats cookies with desiccated coconut , chia seeds, flaxseeds, dried cranberries and figs..... I make these cookies all the time , my kids love them.

Added by: Yuk Tai-Leung

Tags: Sourdough, Biscuits, Oats

Rhubarb and Ginger Muffins

This recipe really packs a fruity Rhubarb and hot ginger punch. Really good. Great as a breakfast muffin or as a treat. Don't worry about the sugar in the rhubarb, you won't use all the syrup (though what's leftover makes for a lovely ice-cream syrup or cordial with soda water).

Added by: Sam F

Tags: Muffins, fruit, Spices

Oatmeal Biscuits - Healthy! Vegan! Yummy!

Quick and easy. Crunchy biscuits with Oatmeal, low Wheat, no Sugar

Added by: Selene

Tags: Biscuits, Oats, Vegan

Soft Oat biscuits

Soft and delicious!

Added by: Ania

Tags: Biscuits, Oats

Chunky oatmeal cookies

I love these because they're a treat, but pretty hearty as well, thanks to the oats.

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Biscuits, Oats

Quick Lemon Drizzle

A simple but tasty cake for when you fancy a cake but haven't got all day - bish bash bosh!

Added by: Behla

Tags: Cake, Lemon

Gnocchi - the Italian dumpling made with flour and ricotta

A 30 minute light lunch - rich in complete protein, low in fat and very easy to make.

Added by: michele

Tags: Pasta, Savouries

Lemon madeleines (24)

Traditional french madeleines, the best with a cup of tea.

Added by: Coralie Adnet

Tags: Cake

Gluten-free Simnel Cake

We developed a Simnel cake using 50/50 gluten-free sorghum and millet flour instead of wheat flour. It came out very well, the middle layer of marzipan sank quite a lot but the cake was lovely and moist and chewy, and it couldn't be told apart from an Easter cake made with wheat flour - everyone can enjoy a slice! Decorate it with a few primroses, tiny chocolate eggs and some little chicks.

Added by: gfshiptonmill

Tags: Cake, Gluten Free

Organic Easter fruit and spice muffins.

A quick and easy individual cake recipe, with a seasonal spring twist! They make a good speedy alternative to the hot cross bun, with a similar spiced feel.

Added by: Sophie Hurr

Tags: Muffins, Spices

Sticky Toffee Pudding with vanilla ice cream & butterscotch sauce

This sticky toffee pudding is packed with sticky dates, dark brown sugar, strong white flour and is surprisingly light for the amount of butter involved!

Added by: simon dawson

Tags: Cake, fruit

Ellie's sweet potato fruit cake

A guten-free cake naturally sweetened by sweet potato and dried fruit, with buckwheat flour and chestnut flour.

Added by: E11ie

Tags: Chestnut, Cake, fruit, Buckwheat, Gluten Free

Dairy and wheat free Breton Galettes, made with buckwheat flour

Very simple to make. A delicious Breton variety of the traditional French crepe made with buckwheat flour, usually for savoury fillings. With a grand daughter with dairy intolerance, it's always a challenge to come up with "something different". These disappeared rapidly with a ham/goat's cheese filing, topped off with a fried egg.

Added by: David Adsett

Tags: Cake, Gluten Free, diary-free

Pumpkin, carrot and walnut cake with cashew orange frosting

This is similar to a carrot cake, but so much better! With its spices and distinctive deep flavours of the teff flour, Palmyra nectar and the nutty cold pressed rapeseed oil, it’s a delightfully warming cake. The pumpkin purée keeps it scrumptiously soft while studded with lightly toasted crunchy walnuts and juicy sultanas (seedless golden raisins).

Added by: henscleancakes

Tags: Cake, Gluten Free

Ginger & Pumpkin Slices

One of those great cakes that tastes better a few days after making, if you can keep it away from the kids that long

Added by: Clare Seek

Tags: Cake, Ginger

Gingerbread Physiotherapists

A recipe to support your NHS physios!

Added by: Baron Ilan

Tags: Biscuits, Ginger

Chocolate Chunk Shortbread

Makes a good size batch great for sharing with my daughter's school friends


Tags: Biscuits, Chocolate

Jersey Wonders

Buttery, crumbly and melt in the mouth. The nearest English equivalent to the Jersey Wonder would be the doughnut, although Wonders are never coated in sugar, nor filled with jam. This recipe makes around 40 wonders

Added by: Caenwood

Tags: Cake

Khorasan Breakfast Buns

Delicious Buns made with Khorasan Flour, milk and honey.

Added by: LUCY MACE

Tags: Buns, Khorasan

Cheese and Onion Spelt Scones

Moist and very flavoursome - these scones are the perfect accompaniment to soup, stews and casseroles. Keep well in an airtight container

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Scones, Savouries

Dairy-Free Brioche- for those with specific allergies

A brioche using soya products instead of the traditional milk and butter. My first "experimental" loaf disappeared down my dairy-intolerant grand-daughter in a day and with no subsequent adverse reaction. Does anyone need a greater recommendation? It is now in great demand for school packed lunches.

Added by: David Adsett

Tags: SweetBread, Brioche, Brioche, diary-free

Coffee & Walnut Cake

This coffee & walnut cake is absolutely divine when you use Shipton soft cake & pastry flour.

Added by: Christine Zuazua

Tags: Nuts, Cake

Victoria Sandwich Cake

Added by: lmcfood

Tags: Cake

Spelt or Rye Banana Loaf

Moist, delicious banana bread recipe - that looks beautiful too!

Added by: flourmaidcakes

Tags: Rye, Spelt, Cake, fruit

Wholemeal Spelt Sticky Date Buns

Made in muffin tins to puff up and make a "snail shell", these lovely spelt buns ooze with buttery toffee and sticky date pieces. Best served warm from the oven with a steaming cup of tea or coffee to chase away the winter shills. Leftovers (if there are any!) will reheat well and can be frozen and zapped in the microwave for emergencies. There is a picture but it doesn't always seem to view in Firefox!

Added by: Helen Donoghue

Tags: Buns, Spelt, fruit

Vegan Leek Cake

incredible... just a simple leek cake, but just too yummy, crispy, irresistible...

Added by: Selene

Tags: Cake, Savouries, Vegan

Refrigerated Double Chocolate Chip Spelt Cookies

Melt-in-the-mouth cookies. Keep dough in the fridge for up to a week and bake off at your convenience. Makes 20 cookies

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Spelt, Biscuits, Chocolate

Lemon limoncello cake

This is one of the best lemon cakes I have ever baked. The cake is very fragrant (thanks to a candy-like liqueur limoncello), moist and finished with smooth lemon glaze. The best with tea or milky cappuccino. Enjoy! :)

Added by: Agnieszka Beda

Tags: Cake, fruit

Cinnamon tea loaf

The perfect tea loaf! Very low in fat, but juicy and delicious! keeps well, if you can manage not to eat it all fresh... Brilliant for packed lunches and picnics.

Added by: Sophie Hurr

Tags: Cake, Spices

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

These irresistible sweet muffins are packed with fruit and couldn't be simpler to make.

Added by: Christine L

Tags: Spelt, Cake

Lavender and Lemon Loaf

This loaf cake is soft and fluffy, and very moist on account of the lemon drizzle, stained a deep pink from the lavender.

Added by: redbookrecipes

Tags: Cake, fruit

Banana, Date and Walnut Spelt Loaf

A deliciously nutty and treacly spelt loaf for all times of the day.

Added by: James Brook-Fox

Tags: Spelt, Nuts, Cake, fruit

Ellie's grain-free and dairy-free walnut and currant spice cake

This recipe makes a wonderful moist cake but due to the type of ingredients it does require a food processor! I regularly include this healthy cake in my chidren's lunch boxes. It keeps for a week in the fridge and any dried out crumbs may be served with icecream or part of a custard style desert, so there's no waste!

Added by: E11ie

Tags: Nuts, Cake, fruit, Gluten Free

Spelt and Almond Cookies with Cherry Yogurt Icing

These crisp cookies can be made with any fruit flavoured yogurt (I use varieties produced by Yeo Valley). Enjoy experimenting with the recipe! Makes 20 biscuits

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Spelt, Nuts, Biscuits

Easy Burger Buns

Burger buns perfect for summer bbqs and partys!

Added by: Tamara Williams

Tags: Buns

Frosted Spelt Chocolate Cake

A luxuriously moist chocolate cake - the last mouthful will taste as good as the first!

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Spelt, Cake, Chocolate

Lemon Curd Brioche

If you like lemon, these are beautifull

Added by: Sabrina


Crisp on the outside, soft inside. Great for eating with beer, with friends, or cut open and used as the base for cheese on toast.

Added by: Doughtastic - Graham

Tags: Pastries

Coffee and Pecan Roulade

A fantastic dessert or an afternoon cake!

Added by: ayesha

Tags: Nuts, Cake

Chelsea Buns

An old classic which is great for afternoon tea or brunch

Added by: Jilly7

Tags: Buns, SweetBread

Ellie's grain-free celeriac, buckwheat and chestnut flour savouries

Savoury cakes perfect for packed lunches with the gold seal of approval from my 7 year old.

Added by: E11ie

Tags: Chestnut, Savouries, Buckwheat, Non-Wheat

Homemade flour tortillas

Easy homemade tortillas, for Mexican meals and school lunches.

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Unusual, Unusual, Tortillas, Savouries

White Choc & Cranberry Brioche

This slightly sweet, yet oh so rich bread is stunning with the addition of white chocolate and cranberries. This is also an overnight recipe!

Added by: Matthew Shimwell

Tags: SweetBread, Chocolate, Brioche

Cheese and onion muffins

Brunch, picnic, special breakfast? Or backlogged with cheese or onion? This simple but very tasty recipe is the answer. With endless variations of the basic ingredients the result can be posh or basic satisfying the pickiest eaters and the most sophisticated ones too.

Added by: zsuzsanna pragai

Tags: Muffins, Cheese

Linzer Torte (Oma's Rezept)

This is my mother's recipe for Linzer Torte. Not specifically a Christmas cake, but no Christmas was complete without this cake. (And it's the most delicious dough to be eaten raw ...)

Added by: Juergen Krauss

Tags: Pastries

Cécile's gougères

Simple "pâte à chou" for savoury or sweet puffs -- never fails!

Added by: starz1010101

Tags: Pastries, Cheese, chou

Light lemon buns

By using olive oil rather than butter, cutting down the sugar and introducing lemon into the recipe, these buns are lighter and fresher on the palette than an indulgent Danish pastry. That's not to knock Danish pastries at all - a time and a place for those, of course! From time to time, I have added grated dark chocolate with a little orange zest to the filling below, and that's quite a popular recipe with some of my family.

Added by: Marc Puttock

Tags: Buns

Sticky ginger cake

Perfect for hungry tummies after school - and with a mug of tea!

Added by: Alice Crowe

Tags: Cake, Ginger

Bairin Breac

A delicious, soft bread similar to a brioche - great for an afternoon tea in the dark and cold season (not just on Halloween).

Added by: michele

Tags: fruit, SweetBread

Walnut and Blueberry Banana Loaf

The Queen of Banana Bread. This quick and easy recipe is a delicious all purpose treat, which can be made and served within the hour. The hardest part of the process is clearing up afterwards so I have given the quantities for making two loaves. Any excess can be sliced and frozen.

Added by: serindipity2uk

Tags: Cake, Cake, fruit

Sweet Orange Rye Biscuits

For now or later, these refrigerator biscuits are just the thing to enjoy with a cup of coffee. Easy to make, and easy to bake, gently spicy and aromatic, the recipe could be altered with your favourite spices, or add a few nuts, or dried fruit. Makes about 30.

Added by: LUCY MACE

Tags: Rye, Biscuits

Our Best Shortbread Recipe

this is the only shortbread recipe I ever use now,the organic semolina gives this shortbread the most amazing crunch and texture,in the pictures I have decorated them with snowflakes as no Christmas is complete without it and with its long life span it is ideal for Christmas gifts and hampers

Added by: Annaliese Jacques

Tags: Biscuits

Gingerbread Biscuits

No Christmas is complete without a good helping of gingerbread and it makes a perfect seasonal gift too,perfect for those who make hampers or want a homespun Christmas, if well wrapped it will last 3 months but if you freeze them you have something you can store for emergency gifts!

Added by: Annaliese Jacques

Tags: Biscuits, Ginger

Rosemary and Black SeaSalt Crackers

So this is the recipe that all of my customers at Landgirls Cookery school in Hartshill have been asking for,just one of these little salty crackers isn't enough, they are ridiculously moreish and perfect for party buffets, we cooked these on our 12 bakes of Christmas class last week and they have been one of the most popular recipes yet!

Added by: Annaliese Jacques

Tags: Biscuits, Herb, Crackers

Cheese Sables

Fast and yummy crackers , perfect for Christmas and New year buffets

Added by: Annaliese Jacques

Tags: Biscuits, Cheese, Cheese, Crackers

Raspberry and Chocolate Sundae Cake

A raspberry flavoured cake with raspberry buttercream, chocolate ganache glaze, topped with vanilla buttercream and raspberries. Yum!

Added by: Jo Baker

Tags: Cake, fruit, Chocolate

Blackberry and Raspberry Muffins

Luscious mix of fresh fruit muffins with a crusty almond topping, ideal with a cup of coffee for elevenses.

Added by: Katydid

Tags: Muffins

Sweet Brioche

Sweet Brioche - You can make this a traditional plain brioche or as a chocolate chip plait.

Added by: Rob Haynes

Tags: SweetBread, Brioche

Peanut Butter Cookies

These never last long when there are peanut butter lovers around!

Added by: SheilaSeek

Tags: Biscuits

Chocolate Vegan Cake

Sponge cake that tingles your taste buds!

Added by: waljitkaur

Tags: Cake, Chocolate

Amaretto Chocolate Mousse Cake

Everybody loves Chocolate, when you combine Chocolate cake, Chocolate Mousse and Amaretto there really isn't many things in life that are more decadent and delicious! This recipe has an option to use either Plain Flour or White Spelt flour depending on your preference and trust me the results are delicious whichever flour you choose!

Added by: Lauren Davis

Tags: Cake, Cake

Cheese & Marmite Spelt Muffins

Bake for elevenses or lunchtime. These muffins are light, moist and delicious to eat. Keep well in an air-tight container for several days.

Added by: Alex Ross

Tags: Cake, Muffins, photo1406


Sweet dumplings with jam filling and custard on top... delicious and so easy to make!

Added by: PhD

Tags: Cake, photo1406

Cookies, but better

I'm only adding this as I want a discount voucher, but being perfectionist, I would not offer anything less than.. well, perfect. The recipie has a strange amount of ingredients as it's not from the recipie book, please, don't be put off by that (and of course, you don't have to measure exactly). These are incredibly tasty, chewy and full of 'healthy energy' cookies. Best eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, with milk or in the park. Also, I would like to mention, that it's not worth baking it if you are going to substitute or skip ingredients such as dried coconut, semolina, oat groats, cacao bean nibs and prunes, as without it, it will just be like any other cookies you've made before... p.s. sorry about the photo, only two cookies were left by the time i've got to my camera...

Added by: shiptonmill

Tags: Biscuits, photowinner1406

Hot Cross Buns or any kind of bun you might like

Shiny brown hot cross buns full of fruit and spices. Grandchildren love them even when it's not Easter!!

Added by: Sally Melling


using the French type 55 flour these are so easy

Added by: Captain Gem

Tags: Pastries, Croissant, photo1406

Chestnut Cake

Tuscan Cake

Added by: Julie Cunningham

Tags: Chestnut, Cake

Spelt digestive biscuits

River Cottage recipe with Heston method

Added by: Fozzie

Tags: Spelt, Biscuits

Bridget's Brownies

Lovely served warm with creme fraiche or vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberries.

Added by: Fiona Rynn

Tags: Cake

Choc Orange Crumbles

Quick, simple and delicious gluten-free crumbly biscuits

Added by: cnbowles

Tags: Biscuits

Ellie's Chestnut Mini Pancakes

A really easy and tasty pancake recipe using just chestnut flour - perfect for the wheat intolerant

Added by: E11ie

Tags: Chestnut, Chestnut, Muffins, Ginger

Banana Muffins

Great for using up spotty bananas, works with both plain and wholemeal flour, kids love em!

Added by: Sophie Hurr

Tags: Muffins, fruit

Aargauer Rüeblitorte - Aargau Carrot Cake

The traditional Swiss moist and light carrot cake

Added by: michele

Tags: Cake

Spelt and carrot muffins

makes about 40 medium muffins

Added by: mdjuergens

Tags: Spelt, Muffins

Chickpea Bread

Adapted from Andrew Wisley's recipe - Bread Matters-

Added by: Anne Chapman

Tags: Unusual

Coffee Eclairs - Maisy Neale

Great Coffee Eclairs - or any choux pastry - with light rye flour

Added by: sally neale

Tags: Pastries, LightRye


Cold or hot

Added by: judy flack

Fruitcake Hater's Fruitcake

A Christmas fruitcake with no candied fruit; just dried fruit and nuts

Added by: Gary Rubin

Ginger & Sweet Potato Muffins

Healthy, Low GI, Delicious Muffins

Added by: Matt Haselden

Gingerbread House

Added by: Marah Wilson

Tags: Biscuits, Spices, Ginger

Spelt & Oatmeal Biscuits

Added by: Matt Haselden

Tags: Spelt, Biscuits, Oats

Beetroot Cake

Fruit sponge with beetroot

Added by: Katydid

Tags: Cake, fruit

Double Ginger Spelt Biscuits

White spelt flour makes delicious biscuits like these lovely gingery ones

Added by: FlourGeneration

Tags: Spelt, Biscuits, Ginger

Chestnut & Rice buns

1st Attempt! Wanted to find a way of using chestnut flour and rice flour other than in bread. Just made these this morning and I am quite pleased with the taste. The amount of sugar could be altered as i dont like things too sweet. I woulsd sugestmore if you have a sweet tooth !! I felt they had a lovely taste but were a bit dry. Next time I shall try adding some fruit and also plan to try coco powder as well, watch this space.

Added by: Pentewan

Tags: Chestnut, Buns, Cake, Rice

Nordic malt cookies

Crispy cookies with a beautiful dark colour and a great malty, almost coffee or chocolate-like flavour. For Christmas you could add flavorings such as 1 tsp mixed spices and ½ tsp grated orange zest – not Nordic, but very tasty!

Added by: Anna Colquhoun

Tags: Biscuits


Dairy free show stopper!!!

Added by: Mazzabuck

Tags: Nuts, Cake

Lynne's Luscious Lemon Cake

Added by: spabbygirl

Tags: Cake

Apricot and almond chelsea buns

Added by: Kim Wyatt-Brooks

Hot Cross Buns

A different take

Added by: Timmons

Tags: Buns, SweetBread

Hot Cross Buns

from Eastcourt Manor

Added by: Gwen Nathan

Pie dough

A buttery crisp pastry that is excellent for tarts and pies with a wet filling.

Added by: lmcfood

Jason Derbyshire's Iced Fresh Cream Finger Buns

Soft, light, cream-filled buns. We've tried them here at The Mill, they're fabulous!

Added by: Jason Derbyshire

Tags: Buns, Jason Derbyshire

Helpful Hints for Pastry

Ever wondered how to prevent shrinkage when using pastry lined tart cases? Here's some helpful tips.

Added by: Tortepane

Jason Derbyshire's Christmas Lardy Cake

A festive recipe crammed with Christmas fruits and spices by Jason Derbyshire.

Added by: NaomiS

Tags: Pastries, Christmas, festive, Jason Derbyshire

Potty's Spiced Apple Cake

Autumnal apple dessert cake with a hint of spice to warm the soul

Added by: Pottyandcake

Kentish Cobnut Cake

From The Shipton Mill September Foraging and Preserving Tips Article

Added by: NaomiS

Swiss Chard, Squash and Blue Cheese Tart

A delicious summer main course that needs no adornment other than a crisp green salad. Serves four to six.

Added by: NaomiS

Tags: Pastries

Non-Savory Courgette Muffins

Perfect breakfast for on the go!

Added by: Rachelle Blackburn

Tags: Cake, Muffins, SweetBread

Cinnamon Bread

Cinnamon Bread For Elevenses

Added by: katyk

Tags: Christmas, Cake

Soda Bread Raisin Scones

Sweeta and cake like but quicker than any other scone

Added by: Michelle Hunn

Helen Fort's Chocolate Brownies

The best brownie recipie ever

Added by: Bridget Martindale

Jessica's sensational raspberry sponge

Fabulous sponge recipe from JD Tasty Foods

Added by: Ladyjd

Tags: Cake

Sourdough Cider Fruit Buns

Very traditional, caraway flavoured sourdough buns, filled with cider soaked fruit.

Added by: NaomiS

Tags: Buns, Sourdough, fruit

Cream buns

These home-made cream buns can be dangerous…being in your house in quantity and very, very moreish.

Added by: NaomiS

Tags: Buns

Bath Buns

Based on Elisabeth David’s recipe in “English Bread and Yeast Cookery”, these buns are irresistibly delicious!

Added by: NaomiS

Tags: Buns

Sour Cream Cookie cutter Cookies with chestnut flour

Christmas - Sour Cream Cookie cutter Cookies with Stevia (Sugar + Gluten free)

Added by: mksweet

Italian Castagnaccio Chestnut cup cakes

100% Chestnut flour cake, gluten free, sugar free, vegan

Added by: mksweet

Spelt Fruit Cake

Moist and Delicious for Spelt Lovers

Added by: risinsun46

Hot Cross Buns

Easter Baking

Added by: Shiretor

Tags: Buns

Chocolately, spicy, fruity, Christmassy tart

This is a movable feast. The basic idea is a rich yet light chocolate tart, in a crisp pastry shell with a fruity bit in the middle. For the Christmas theme I suggest using a cranberry mincemeat.

Added by: lloyd

Cherry Berry Christmas Cake

A light fruity Christmas jam packed with berries and fruits with a hint of jasmine flower and rose fragrant.

Added by: Victoria

Chocolate Chestnut Gateau

Very rich festive winter cake.

Added by: Michael Kemp

Spelt Sally Lunn Buns

An adaptation of a Sally Lunn with Jam and Cream

Added by: Wendy Durrant

Orange, rum rasin and chocolate marble cake

A hommage to the Cadbury Old Jamaica chocolate bar

Added by: Big Ivan


French Brioche in bread machine

Added by: Julie

Chocolate Nut Brownies

Knock your socks off CHOCOLATE NUT BROWNIES

Added by: Emily

Chocolate Dipped Cherry Cake

This recipe produces a an extremely tempting, elegant chocolate cake

Added by: Alex

Apple and Almond Cake

This cake is the perfect way to enjoy our delicious long storage Bramley apples… best with a cup of well made tea.

Added by: Paul

Luxury Chocolate Cake

A very chocolaty cake using self raising and cake flour.

Added by: Angela

Per's Danish Treacle Cake

This cake is a regional Danish classic. It's one of the easiest and best cakes if made properly. It's basically a thick, soft sweet yeasty dough with a topping of sugar/butter that melts and burns to a dark brown caramel-like substance.

Added by: NaomiS

The Boss's Favourite Carrot Cake

Makes a delicious 800g Carrot Cake

Added by: NaomiS

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