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Sweet dumplings with jam filling and custard on top... delicious and so easy to make!

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1 sachet dry yeast or 40g fresh yeast
450g strong plain white flour
1 tsp sugar
90ml warm water

70g butter
140g milk
1 egg (size M)

45g butter (spread)
plum jam (filling)


Preparation of the yeast sponge :

  • Fill entire flour into a bowl and form a small hole in the middle.
  • In there dissolve the yeast with sugar in water.
  • Dust a little flour over and rest about 15 minutes.


  • In the meantime melt the butter and then mix with 140ml milk.
  • Add this mixture and an egg to the dough and knead well.
  • Rest for about 1 hour.


  • Divide the dough into 15 equal parts.
  • Flatten them into circles (height 1cm, diameter 8cm).
  • Put on each circle a teaspoon of jam (plum jam is the best but any other flavour works as well).
  • Close all the edges of the circle to a ball.
  • Place them (with the seam looking down) into a baking pan and spread melted butter on all sides of each ball.
  • Let them rise before baking for about 15 minutes.

  • Bake them at 180 ° C for 30 minutes (or until they turned brown).
  • Serve them hot with some custard!

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easy and versatile

These are great. I wanted a dessert but didn't have time to do anything alongside main meal so made the dough in the 'pizza' option on my breadmaker. Turned out fine. I filled them with a sweetened stewed apple and lemon mix and made them pasty shape rather than in style of dumplings. The verdict from recipients was positive although custard accompaniment thought to be essential as otherwise not sweet enough/too 'bread-y'. Will try jam next time round I think. Chocolate and lemon curd could be good too...Thanks for a really useful recipe.

Kate Muir 08 August 2015


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