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Brown & Wholemeal Bread Recipes

Chia seed wholemeal wheat bread

Simple, but delicious, two-stage sourdough bread. The chia seeds give the bread a fantastic luscious texture and 'bite', and also seem to keep it fresh and 'juicy' for longer. The recipe gives a big loaf for a family; change amounts proportionately if you want less.

Added by: Jan Kaiser

Tags: Seeds

Elderflower Partly whole wheat Bread with porridge.

In this recipe I replaced water with elderflower drink, which I made myself: just socked in cold water elderflower blossom for the night, in the morning brought it to the boil and turned gas off, when it culled down it was ready to use. Can be prepared in advance and kept in fridge for few days.

Added by: Ir Ma

Tags: Oats

Wonderful wholemeal bread!

Two light, tasty wholemeal loaves with zero fuss. It came from one of the UK's first vegetarian restaurants - Stones, in Wiltshire. With the addition of Shipton Mill flour, it's incredible! Sorry about the upside down photo - it won't respond!

Added by: Gail Gregory

40% Wholemeal Sourdough

Rye based starter and a little Spelt make for an extremely tasty loaf. Quantities given makes 2 loaves (or 1 very big one!). This is adapted from Foodgeek's 'Basic' recipe on Youtube to have a much higher wholemeal content. You can use any starter (though this may alter the balance slightly), and increase or decrease the spelt content (even leave it out if you don't have any, just use the same additional amount of WM).

Added by: Steve Hall

Tags: Sourdough

75/25 white/wholemeal split sour dough loaf

This was adopted from a recipe I found on youtube, but I just tweaked it myself, its 75% White Spelt Shipton Mill, with 25% wholemeal Shipton Mill stone ground flour. 73% Hydration with extra sesame seeds and some mixed seeds. Its a perfect loaf with great flavour and taste, the seeds work nicely too.

Added by: Harvey Scriven

Tags: Sourdough

Quick and easy Wholemeal Soda Bread

Delicious, malty Soda Bread, (using my 2 favourite Shipton Mill flours )

Added by: Georgina Roberts

Tags: Soda Bread

Canadian 50:50 loaf

A half and half white and wholemeal Canadian flour loaf

Added by: Dave Smith

Seeded Wholemeal Bread

80% Wholemeal Flour, 20% white, with added 5 seed blend. Makes 3 1lb loaves

Added by: Geoff Critchley

Tags: Seeds

Rustic Walnut Loaf for Breadmaker

We make no apology for the fact that like a lot of home bakers we make most of our loaves with an automatic breadmaker.

Added by: Derek Thomas Turner

Wholemeal/Malthouse/White Loaf

An all round healthy and moist loaf

Added by: Kirendeep Bagri

Tags: Malt

Wholemeal Sourdough

This is my 24hr wholemeal sourdough recipe using Shipton Mill bread flour. It tastes a lot better than shop bought, although I may be biased.

Added by: Petethebaker

Tags: Sourdough

Onion flavoured Wholemeal Sourdough (Zwiebelbrot) - one Sesame seed crusted and one Poppy Seed crusted

This is a nice take on German Zwiebelbrot using organic onion powder and crisp onion bits to add the depth of flavour from the organic wholemeal

Added by: Nick Webborn

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Taste the difference style multi seed loaf

Since making my own bread, I have tried to create a taste the difference multi seed loaf from a supermarket in store bakery, combining various Shipton mill ingredients my family and I agree I have managed it, and, we think, it's actually better. A fresh loaf doesn't get cooling time in our house!

Added by: Clara Jackson

Tags: Seeds


A soft and tasty spiced bread from Switzerland using the Swiss Dark flour (Ruchmehl in Switzerland). Translated from German from a webpage many years ago.

Added by: Keith Suckling

Light Wholemeal Rolls

Healthy and easy, and quick to make...delicious

Added by: bakenicebread

Tags: Rolls

Sourdough with hazelnuts and prunes

This is a lightly sweet and comforting sourdough with unusally soft crumb, thanks to butter in the mix. It's possibly even better towards the end, toasted! Roasted nuts, soft fruit, fibre, beautiful crumb -- what's not to like?

Added by: Marlon Jones

Tags: Sourdough, Nuts, fruit

Honeyed Wholemeal Loaf

This recipe makes two good sized loaves infused with raw local honey to compliment the flavour of the wholemeal flour without making it too sweet.

Added by: Jude S

Tags: SweetBread

30% Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Spelt @66% Hydration

All flour is Organic Stoneground and this recipe is trying to use the most wholemeal spelt flour, whilst trying to maintain a maximum volume loaf.

Added by: Emmanuelle Cuq

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Beer Balm “Trub” Bread

A flavoursome open crumb loaf with a great crust that smelt as good as it tasted

Added by: Roy Barker

Tags: Beer

Wholemeal Seeded Round Bread Buns

How to quickly make 16 delicious, wholemeal, seeded, round bread buns (rolls, muffins) using a Panasonic or similar bread maker for mixing and first rising of the dough.

Added by: dougarts

Tags: Buns, Seeds

50/50 1lb pound loaves

These little beauties are my first time of using Shipton Mills Finest No 1 white bread flour and Organic 100% wholemeal flour. The recipe produces a lovely soft centre with a slight crisp crust. Lovely when toasted under the grill and covered in local Berkeley Farm Dairy organic lightly salted butter. The recipe will make 2 x 1lb loaves or 1 x 2lb loaf.

Added by: Christopher Eddolls

Whole meal spelt bread

Deliciously tasty and healthy artisan bread that gets wonderful compliments !

Added by: Sharon McCormick

Tags: Spelt

Wholemeal seeded loaf

Rich, nutty, wholesome goodness

Added by: Psycho Warthog

Tags: Seeds

Light Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

Producing an excellent crumb, rise, and crust - this is my most reliable sourdough recipe.

Added by: patricia rodriguez

"Tastes So Good" Wholemeal Soda Bread

My husband loves this bread and I love adapting it to use whatever flour, seeds and spices I have to use. You can also add in grated vegetables, or chopped cheese, nuts, dates, fruity bits, if you fancy a change.

Added by: Sarah DB

Tags: Seeds, Soda Bread

Wholemeal with fig, seeds and spelt

Sourdough with tasty, soft inside and crispy crust

Added by: Kath

Tags: Spelt, fruit

5-minute No-knead Spelt Wholemeal Bread

Tastes fantastic and so easy even I can make it!

Added by: GaryC

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

White Wholemeal Bread

A delicious and light wholemeal bread that keeps well. It's made using yeast and overnight proofing. It goes well with a variety of toppings or just butter. It's flavour develops for a couple of days after baking.

Added by: Matthias Hambach

Tags: Sourdough

Wholemeal Spelt Scones

These scones are wonderfully delicious and melt in your mouth. Additionally they are wholemeal, low in fat & sugar and healthy. They are best served with clotted cream and strawberry jam with a mug of hot chocolate!

Added by: Rajinder Kaur

Tags: Scones

Easy Wholemeal Seeded Rye Bread

Easy to make Classic Wholemeal Rye Bread with Seeds

Added by: Johanna Klampfl

Tags: Rye

Yummy classic wholemeal loaf

Added by: Alison O'Donnell

Whole Grain Gluten Free Artisan Bread

The gluten free bread of our dreams! This Whole Grain Gluten Free Artisan Bread recipe is soft and chewy on the inside with a nice crusty exterior. Made without starches, eggs, or dairy!

Added by: Stella Arsenis

Tags: Gluten Free

Walnut bread. No knead, slow bread

A tasty, easy, no knead bread. This is for a single loaf

Added by: Irene Osborne

Tags: Nuts

100% wholemeal loaf ... with a difference.

This wholemeal loaf is partly made with Shipton Mills coarse wholemeal flour to which I add millet and chia seeds.

Added by: Ray Coombs

70 % Wholemeal Bread recipe

Delicious healthy wholemeal seeded bread ( my chickens sing with delight when I give them a slice as a treat)

Added by: IrishSandra

Tags: Seeds

Seeded Half & Half Loaf (Large)

This half white/half wholemeal large loaf with seeds & a bit of rye makes a good daily loaf and you can throw in some excess sourdough culture if you have it (from refreshing your starter)

Added by: SL Merry

Tags: Seeds

Wholemeal enriched with rye and boosted by a sourdough starter

Whilst making wholemeal loaves I have been experimenting with adding a couple of ladles of wheat sourdough starter to the mix, along with the usual dried active yeast. The sourdough starter enhances the flavour and helps things to rise a bit more. Adding the sourdough starter adds a bit of extra water to the recipe and so this version has added 100 grams of Dark Rye Flour to absorb that extra water and to add to the flavour. The addition of 100 grams of seeded white flour also helps lighten the texture. The following recipe aims to produce two moist and tasty loaves.

Added by: Peter Stevenson

Tags: Sourdough

Wholemeal sourdough bread with millet seed

Millet seed isn’t just for the birds, it also makes a delicious addition to sourdough wholemeal bread. My grandchildren love this bread as it breaks easily into pieces that they can snack on while waiting for dinner! It goes well with cheese and olives, and the millet seeds add a bit of a crunch to the texture. Sourdough starter is so good for flavour and the slow fermentation helps to break down gluten, so it’s great for those with gluten sensitivity. I love to use the more traditional varieties of wheat flour to make this bread as the nutritional value is enhanced as well as great flavour. Sometimes I substitute about 20% of the wheat flour with spelt or rye. It’s a bit more crumbly but my family love it with cheese. I use the sour dough starter in my bread maker, and check on the consistency as the dough is mixing. I always add some dried yeast as it gives a better rise in the bread maker, but if making by hand then I just use the sour dough starter for the rise.

Added by: Rachel Verheul

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Modified super easy, no knead, slow bread

A tasty, easy, no knead bread and a method that easily converts to any loaf recipe.

Added by: Irene Osborne

Tags: No knead

Buttermilk wholemeal overnight bread

In the interests of taste and timesaving I made these loaves, 4 small, with buttermilk and bulk proofed overnight. The hydration of this bread is higher than normal to make a lighter loaf. Try adding sesame seeds prior to baking. Gorgeous.

Added by: Doughtastic - Graham

Healthy Sandwich Loaf

An excellent loaf for slicing and freezing made with white and wholegrain flours.


Seeded wholemeal sourdough

Delicious,full of flavor and healthy sourdough with amazing and rustic crust!Yum!

Added by: Robert Rea

Tags: Sourdough

Fluffy wholemeal bread

Light enough for the kids, wholemeal enough to be good for them.

Added by: Farmer B

Tags: Breadmaker

Dutch Oven Delicious Walnut and Date Loaf

Super easy no kneed recipe - fantastic with cheese board or for breakfast! great for when have friends staying

Added by: samantha cooper

Tags: Nuts, fruit

Half and Half sourdough bread using retard method (over night recipe)

Using Stoneground Canadian Wholemeal and unbleached no.4 this bread is both Rich and deep flavours.

Added by: Jasonserpent

Tags: Sourdough

WholeWheat & Toasted Seeded Bread

Toasted Seeded Bread Is just my Favourite Bread to make! And its all down to the toasting of the varieties of seeds in this recipe. Simply Outstanding.

Added by: RHAN

Tags: Seeds

Sourdough bread (pain au levain)

simple sourdough bread, tested and regularly made. no kneading as time is your friend here, priceless result.

Added by: Julien CAP

Tags: Sourdough

Bio-Dynamic Wholewheat Tin Loaf

A lovely nutty loaf with bags of flavour.

Added by: Roy Barker

Wholemeal Sourdough Loaf

A wholemeal loaf made with only flour, salt and water: what could be more wholesome?

Added by: Archie McLellan

Tags: Sourdough

Spiced Pumpkin Bread

A warming spiced bread for the winter. Perfect for an alternative Christmas bread. Perfect with cooked meats or strong cheese. Use squash instead if pumpkins cannot be sourced. An easy bread to make, be careful when adding water as the pumpkin puree maybe moist.

Added by: Stoat Dough

Tags: Swiss, Spices

Wholemeal Knot

Simple wholemeal knot. Soft and delicious.

Added by: Doughtastic - Graham

Wholemeal Rustic Bread with Walnuts ( breadmaker)

Earthy flavoured bread with a nutty hint and crunch of walnuts

Added by: Hana Hardwick

Tags: Breadmaker

Wholemeal sourdough with seeds

Perfect, easy and delicious sourdough bread, packed with seeds and toasted flavour.

Added by: melissa_baker

Tags: Seeds, Sourdough

Wholemeal bread rolls with cumin

Delicious and healthy bread rolls with a hint of cumin which you will love as a sandwich in your pack up!

Added by: Hana Hardwick

Tags: Rolls, Spices

Basic Rye Bread

This uses a double kneaded, double risen method. If you have strongly rising types of flour, you could get away with a single kneading and a single rising. This is a variation of a recipe first devised by Sonya Romane.

Added by: John Ward

Tags: Rye

Mixed Wholemeal Seeded Cobs/Rolls

Really tasty nutty cob. For those who like a full flavoured rustic bread. Fabulous just cut and buttered or great with any filling, hot or cold. Very good toasted too! Enjoy.

Added by: Bordermagic

Tags: Seeds

Olive Sourdough

This uses a mixture of organic white flour, wholemeal and light rye to make a delicious savoury loaf - that is also amazing with cheese or marmalade!

Added by: J Eades

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Wholemeal spelt loaf

Wholemeal Spelt loaft

Added by: Katie Lorandeau

Tags: Spelt

Super easy, no knead, slow bread

A tasty, easy, no knead bread and a method that easily converts to any loaf recipe.

Added by: Irene Osborne

Tags: No knead


Easy, healthy chapattis. These wholemeal breads perfectly complement a vegetarian curry dish.

Added by: Dee Pea

Tags: Flatbreads

Our Family Loaf

Mix of white, wholemeal and 5 seeds, to make our regular homemade family bread

Added by: Clare Seek

Crackle glaze cob

Makes two cob loaves with a crackle glaze (sometimes called tiger bread). This is a 50:50 white and wholemeal standard bread recipe with a tangy crunch to the crust

Added by: Lynn Clark

Honey and walnut loaf

A wholesome nutty bread lovely toasted or with cheese.

Added by: Julie Bullen

Tags: Nuts

Wholemeal Seeded Tin (Grantalike no knead)

This loaf is about the simplest, most delicious wholemeal seeded loaf you can make. Based on Doris Grant’s no-knead recipe, the added seeds add great flavour and texture and actually seem to assist the rising dough’s stability. The dough mix should be too wet to knead by hand, but surprisingly if you get the water content right (depending on the flour used you may need to add a little more than shown in the recipe), just mixing the ingredients with a wooden spoon or Danish whisk and folding onto itself a few times, you will still get a reasonably open crumb. (Certainly not as dense as you might imagine for a cake-like dough with a short in-tin proofing.)

Added by: 2ncook

Tags: Seeds, No knead

Delicious Soft Spongy Bread

This is a simple recipe that gives you tasty bread in no time!

Added by: Manon Roberts

50% Wholemeal sourdough bread

light, soft, flavorful bread with just enough wholemeal to entice even those who usually turn away from brown bread.

Added by: Anne Chapman

Tags: Sourdough

Wholemeal loaf with seeds

Yummy crusty wholemeal bread - makes two large loaves

Added by: Phillip Wood

Tags: Seeds

Wholemeal spelt sourdough

Soft and Crusty, perfect for sandwiches

Added by: Andrew Hulse

Tags: Sourdough, Spelt

Soda Bread cooked in a large slow cooker (SIX LITRE)

Soda bread made like this doesn`t dry out as it does in an oven so the outside stays soft rather than having a crust. It is lovely and soft, and cake like in texture. It`s very quick to make and doesn`t use as much energy as using an oven,and keeps quite well. Soda bread rises better with pastry flour than strong flour and has a better texture because it has less Gluten.

Added by: susan.holme@aol

Tags: Soda Bread

Helene's Wholemeal Spelt Bread

A simple, but delicious, sandwich loaf

Added by: Helene Zierl

Tags: Spelt

Easy Overnight Wholemeal Sourdough

One step on from my no-knead sourdough, the extra time spent kneading improves the crumb.

Added by: senrabmot

Tags: Sourdough

Easy Sourdough with Wholewheat and Light Rye

Easy sourdough prepared in mixer in 10 min

Added by: v8rick

Tags: Rye, Sourdough

Everyday Bread

A good loaf

Added by: Sara Godfrey

Wholewheat Crumpets

This is a wholewheat version of the Classic English Crumpet. They are good eaten warm and soft.

Added by: Zarina Dumasia

Tags: Crumpets

Wholemeal Spelt bread

This is positively the easiest and most tasty Spelt bread recipe I have come across. Turns out perfectly every time and has become an often requested favourite of my clients. It takes next to no prep time, keeps well and is fab for toasting too!

Added by: Claudia Lenz-Archer

Tags: Spelt

Multigrain Honey Wholewheat Loaf

A moist and light multigrain bread ideal for sandwiches and toast.

Added by: James Berry

Tags: Seeds, photo1406

Fab white loaf with wholemeal and rye

This is a delicious open-crumb white loaf, made with a poolish and a wet dough, and includes wholemeal and rye for extra flavour

Added by: Wing Commander

Tags: Rye

60% Wholemeal Breadmaker Loaf

Panasonic breadmaker recipe

Added by: Fozzie

Tags: Breadmaker

Wholemeal and Semolina Loaf

Made in a bread making machine

Added by: Terry Diss

Slow Cooked 100% Wholemeal Sourdough Bread

Wholemeal bread baked in a slow cooker

Added by: Matthias

Tags: Sourdough

Irish Soda Bread

Inspired by Darina Allens delicious recipe

Added by: Ingrid Duffy

Tags: Oats, Soda Bread

100% Wholegrain Spelt Loaf (by Julio Hevia)

Think it's impossible to bake a 100% wholegrain loaf without it turning out like a brick? Julio Hevia attempts to prove you wrong.

Added by: Julio Hevia

Multigrain Batons

The nuttiness of malt, the crispiness of baguette and the bite of seeds

Added by: Gerard CASSELS

The Lunch Box Bap

Makes 5-6/ Prep 3 hours/ Bake 10-12 minutes

Added by: Sara Godfrey

Tags: Spelt, Rolls

Guinness with Treacle Bread

Very Tasty Dark Bread

Added by: oblue

Tags: Beer

Rustic Roast Chestnut Bread

Yeasted, 25% wholemeal with fresh, roasted chestnuts

Added by: Joanne Wills

Tags: Chestnut

Wholemeal Sourdough Dough

Not at all common, but uncommonly good, especially as a sourdough. The one pictured I made in Tuscany and it has just emerged from the wood-fired oven, with a characteristic scorch. The base is local flavoursome flour, wholemeal stone-milled and biodynamic, and is a sourdough.

Added by: NaomiS

Simple but Delicious loaf

Added by: Jacky Hodges

Oaty crumpets

Added by: Richard Clarkson

Tags: Not sure, Oats, Flatbreads, Crumpets

Wholemeal with a flying sponge

Lighten the texture of your wholemeal loaf by setting a flying sponge.

Added by: NaomiS

Overnight yeasted wholemeal pot loaf

Pot baking offers a very different approach to baking. It is a simple, low-input method that produces excellent results. Give it a try and your baking just may be transformed!

Added by: NaomiS

Overnight sourdough wholemeal pot loaf

Pot baking offers a very different approach to baking. It is a simple, low-input method that produces excellent results. Give it a try and your baking just may be transformed!

Added by: NaomiS

100% Wholemeal Wheat Sourdough Bread

Wholemeal wheat sourdough bread is the essence of sourdough breads. It is the most tasty with the highest nutrition.

Added by: NaomiS

Fast and easy wholewheat/seeds loaf

Easy, fast (50 mins) and very tasty without getting your fingers in the dough.

Added by: KRS

Wholewheat and Rye Loaf

Wholewheat and rye bread, using natural leaven or yeasted pre-ferment, with cracked rye and caraway crust

Added by: Simon Miles

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