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Basic White Bread.

This recipe is our family's basic bread. Made every Sunday and Wednesday in a batch sufficient to satisfy demand

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1 oz Fresh Yeast

1 teaspoon Sugar

16 fl. oz luke warm Water

2 lb. Strong White Flour

11/2 teaspoons Salt

2 ounces Lard


Put the yeast and sugar into a bowl and add the water stirring for a few seconds.

Put the flour, salt and lard into the Chef's bowl and mix with the dough hook at speed 1.5 for 5 minutes. Without stopping the Chef, add the yeast mixture and at the same speed, mix for 10 minutes. The dough should not be stuck to the bowl at this time.

Place in a lightly oiled bowl and prove for 30 minutes @ 28 - 30 C. (I use the airing cupboard.) The dough should now be double in size. Turn on the oven to 190C.

When risen, knock the dough back for a moment. This amount can be used for 20 2.5 oz rolls or 2 x 1 lb tinned loaves. Either way, the rolls/loaves are returned to the cupboard to rise for another 25 - 30 minutes.

Bake the rolls for 25 minutes and the loaves for 30 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

(Our airing cupboard has two purpose built proving shelves - there is always room for bread! My oven is a fan oven, temperatures will need to be adjusted accordingly.)


Don't remember where this originated - there have been some changes over the years, (I have replaced the first recipe that I posted to make one or two adjustments.)

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I dont hv fresh yeast Can I use dried active yeast and butter rather than lard?

Angela fielding 01 March 2018

have been making bread without salt for years, I now know I should but this seems a huge amount. I also use honey now, but then I have bees too. V Fresh white bread is to die for....yummy

David Kuegler - Athena 14 December 2010

Would this recipe work as well if I substituted olive oil for the lard? Alan

- Alan 03 September 2010

Sorry for the delay in replying, in truth I dont know if Olive Oil would work. I cant see a reason why not, I just always use lard. The human body needs an amount of fat to exist daily. This amount of lard spread over twenty rolls, amounts to what, 1 gram per roll.

Peter Yorke - Quilpusha 28 September 2010

RE: Olive Oil for Lard
Hi Alan. I enrich pizza dough with olive oil at about 25 mls per kg of flour. I feel the crust gets crisper like this so it should be OK in this recipe in this proportion. Obviously you'll get a different, more "Mediterranean" flavour!! Hope this helps.

Anthony Wetherall - Wheatoholic 27 February 2011

Thanks for the lard!
Hi - I've been home baking for about 40 years now, and have sacks of your strong white, wholemeal and white spelt, rye and the 5 seed mix in my kitchen at the moment! I used to use lard, but gave it up a few years ago, when the health police started to tell us what we should eat! I rejoiced when I saw this Shipton Mill recipe, as I can use lard again with a clear conscience - thanks! Your recipe looks good -I'm using Mr Bertinet's basic approach, but with a bit less salt and water - did you see the photos I sent in? Thanks again, Ian Guthrie in sunny Manchester.

Ian Guthrie - guthriemail@gmail.com 07 August 2010

RE: Thanks for the lard!
Who says you cann't teach an old fox new tricks? The 'Health Police' have much to answer for in my view. I have eaten lard in a variety of ways for 68 years, without any apparent detrimental effects. And 1 oz to the lb of flour is hardly spreading it thick.

Peter Yorke - Quilpusha 10 August 2010

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