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Bakergirl Wholemeal tin loaf

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The ingredients and weights will give you an 800g loaf.

  • 400g Shipton Mill Stoneground 100% wholemeal (210)*
  • 100g Shipton Mill Finest Bakers White Bread Flour No.1
  • 8g salt
  • 20g treacle
  • 15g yeast
  • 310g water (add 300g water and check consistency if still stiff add the remaining water to give you a soft supple dough. Wholemeal is a pretty dense dough, we sometimes use a wholemeal levain mixed 4-6 hours before we make the final dough this helps keep the dough a little lighter and smoother texture.

* Editor's Note: Sarah says she's used both Stoneground 100% wholemeal (210) and Organic 100% wholemeal (205) for this recipe and says there's "Not a great deal of difference but stoneground flavour is better".


  1. Mix together both flours
  2. Crumble fresh yeast into the mixture
  3. Add salt to one side, avoiding direct contact with fresh yeast so as not to slow the process.
  4. Add in Treacle
  5. Finally add in the water and start to mix with your scraper inside the bowl.
  6. Continue crunching and mixing the dough until most of the flour is incorporated.
  7. Once roughly combined turn out onto your kneading surface and begin your chosen style of kneading for around 8-10 minutes- wholemeal is a pretty stiff dough but you will still start to see the texture changle and become smoother and the strands of gluten developing giving strength and consistency to what will be the final dough.
  8. Based on your baking schedule you can now leave the dough to prove for about 90 minutes until rough doubled, or we prefer at this point to fridge it over night which we feel helps all the flavours develop.
  9. If after 90 minutes you are ready to bake grease your tin and shape your loaf for its final prove around about 60 minutes but if its cold and wholemeal sometimes takes a little longer then maybe 90- you will know as your dough will appear just over the edge of your tin in a rounded shape.
  10. slash your loaf as you choose, we dust the top in white flour which we think gives a nice contrast to the wholemeal once cooked.
  11. Get your oven upto max and create a steamy environment in which to put your loaf into. We prefer spritzing the ovens for tinned loaves so as not to create too much steam.
  12. After 10 minutes drop your oven down 15 degrees and continue baking for a further 25-35 minutes- this will depend on your oven but use the tap method to check at 35 minutes and you can return if its not quite there.


There are many wholemeal loaf recipes out there. We created this one for a regular Bakergirl customer whos husband would only eat white bread- he loves this so we named it in his honour. "The Lazar"- enjoy

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