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Authentic Scandinavian Sour Dough Rye Bread

Recipe originating in Denmark which uses Guiness

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  • 1 can of Guinees
  • Sour dough
  • 0.25 kg cracked rye
  • 0.25 kg mixed seeds (linseeds, sunflower, pumpkin)
  • Rye flour and white flour
  • 4 level teaspoon salt
  • Sesame seeds


  1. Pour Guiness in a large bowl and dissolve sour dough in it, mix with a few handfulls of rye flour to get a consistency like sauce.
  2. Wait 24 hours.
  3. Now put cracked rye and mixed ssseds in another bowl and cover with water. The seeds will soak up the water.
  4. Wait another 24 hours.
  5. By now the sour dough should have activated (this is individual). Add the seeds to the sour dough mix and add one cup of white flour. Add the salt. Mix well and stat mixing in rye flour. When you can't stir it anymore, put on to floured table top and start kneading, keep adding rye flour. Knead for about 10 min (the dough only has to be kneadable, not dry).
  6. Leave the dough in a large bowl covered (wet tea towel or lid) until it has risen - will only rise about 1/4, it may take half a day or more.
  7. Put in 2 bread tins - remember to take off a handfull of sour dough for next time. Rise again with wet tea towel - about 1/4.
  8. Wet the top of the loaves and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  9. Bake at 160 celcius for 1-2 hours. You can cover the top half with silver foil way if the seeds are getting dark and it is also a good idea to take the loaves out of the tins for the last 20 min.
  10. When cooled down, slice thinly.


This is one of the many ways rye bread is made in Denmark. My British husband made our sour dough for this from scratch when we lived in Denmark. We use the same one now, 5 years later, living in England.

Added by: Ivana Wilson

Tags: Rye

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More on quantities
We asked Ivana for some more details on quantities, which is as follows .... My sourdough is home made and I guess I use about a cup and then a can of Guiness or similar (400ml, I think) of water. I usually end up using around half to a third of a 500 g bag of rye flour and around 1 cup of white flour or spelt flour. Seeds I think half a cup of each, depending of how many types in total. Your customer is very welcome to e-mail me directly, if you want to pass on my e-mail address.

Web Master - webmaster 19 June 2012

This looks brilliant and I am eager to make this bread but I am confused by the quantities. How much sour dough should I use, is my bubbling sour starter the stuff to go with?

- Eliza-k 15 June 2012


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