Authentic Ciabatta


You will need to set a sponge 24hours. Put down:

White Flour 100
Yeast 1
Water 100

Beat well together and stand at room temperature for 12 hours then place into the fridge for 12 hours.

Main dough

Flour 100
Salt 3
Yeast 1
Water 80
Sponge (from above) 100
Olive oil 5

Finished dough temperature 21 to 25oc

Place the flour, yest and water into a large mixing bowl and beat well together.  Add the sponge and beat again stand at room temperature for 30 mins to allow the proteins to hydrate. Then add the salt and beat it in thoroughly. Last of all add the olive oil then beat again.

Sand in bulk for 40 minutes.

Tip out onto a well floured work surface then dust the top well with flour. Press out lightly using your finger tips.

Chop into your required size pieces and roll around in the surplus flour to avoid it sticking.

Place a tea towel that has been heavily dusted with flour or semolina onto a baking sheet. Then place the dough piece onto the dusted tea towel and cover with a plastic bag to keep it moist.

Prove for 30 minutes.

Pre heat the oven to 230oc and place a tray into the oven when you turn it on so that it will be nice and hot.

When the bread has had its proof, open the door and throw the dough piece onto the hot tray and bake for about 20mins, opening the door for the last two or three minutes to draw off the steam.

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