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60% Wholemeal Breadmaker Loaf

Panasonic breadmaker recipe

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  1. Standard breadmaker procedure; i.e. yeast/flours/salt/sugar/butter/water/OJ

Great with smoked salmon and cream cheese


* Couldn't get a nice smooth top whatever I tried. Applied the orange juice process used in another Julio recipe and voila - or whatever that is in Spanish!!

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Orange Juice

I have been trying to make wholemeal spelt bread for over 3 years with mostly poor results . I have tried many different recipes from sourdough to using breadmakers. I was originally successful using my breadmakers spelt recipe but suddenly the bread turned very heavy and flat . Nothing had changed and I tried different yeasts , different water to flour ratio's , even bought a new breadmaker but no luck. Then tried making the bread by hand but I found it very hard to get consistent results. I then tried adding some freshly squeezed orange juice to the recipe and bingo , nicely risen loaves with a good crumb texture and so far the results have been consistent with 3 loaves. Not many I know but a lot better than I had been getting before. Orange juice is definitely the secret weapon for great spelt bread.

Rod 05 April 2019

RE: Orange Juice

oh yes. the huge american tome covering all aspects of breadmaking, reviewed on the R4's food prog, confirmed that any acid vit C (squeeezed pineapple cube was quoted) transforms bread. also takes the weight out of flat breads/ chapattis. prefer pink grapefruit & find just 1 segment sufficient for 750gm wholemeal flour.

Ms Caroline A Murray 21 March 2020

Great Tip!
Blooming loverly - Good to know that Julio's Orange Juice tip works equally well for breadmaker loaves!

Samantha Livy - Tortepane 15 November 2013


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