5 Seed Pain Au Levain

225g Canadian strong white flour

125g Organic wholemeal flour

50g Organic dark rye flour

100g 5 seed mix

150g starter (Mine is 100% hydrated canadian white flour)

265g water

10g salt

Mix ingredients except salt and starter and autolyse for one hour

Add salt and starter and perform a light bench keend for 5 minutes

Proof for around 5 hours at room temperature with three folds after one, two and three hours

Shape into a Batard and place in floured baneton, refrigerate for around 12 hours (Overnight)

Invert onto baking sheet and mist with water, apply one deep slash at 45 degrees and bake in preheated oven with steam source (roasting pan & boiling water in my case ) at 225 celsius for 35 to 40 minutes turning once  during baking after 25 mintues. 

Tags: Bread Maslin

Added by: Andrew Thackray

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