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Sourdough Focaccia

This is the easiest way to make sourdough focaccia. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use the best olive oil you can afford in order for to have the best focaccia.

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Ingredients for a tray of 20 x 30 cm :

-500 g  flour Shipton Mill no 4 

-425 g water

-12 g salt

-100 g sourdough starter


Combine all the ingredients leaving the salt out for this step(no need for autolise). We rest the dough for 20 minutes at 24-26 C. We mix the salt in and mix together for about 5 minutes (this dough type is very hidrated ). During the bulk fermentation the ideal tempetarure is 24-26 C for the dough to rise .In the first twor hours of the process we will perform 4 couild folds every 30 minutes,and leave to ferment until the dough ahs increased in size for 30%.

As soon as the dough is risen we will prepare the tray for baking by lining it with greaseproof paper and oiling it with olive oil.We place the dough in the tray after being carefully removed from the original dish and cover it with cling film .The cling film must not stick to the dough or touch it.We place the tray in the fridge overnight for minimum 12 hours.This process will allow the fermentation to slow down and will help to increase the flavour and  it will be easier to digest.

We will remove the tray from the fridge with 2 hours before baking and we will keep it at room temperature and we will put the oven on at 250 C .Before baking the focaccia we will uncover it and drizzle it generously with olive oil and create some dimples using your oiled fingers.  In this stage you can add your favourite toppings .After this place the focaccia in the oven and add a timer for  20 minutes.After 20 minutes we adjust the over to 220 C for the remaining baking time,abou 5 minutes.You can ajust the time of baking to less should you want it less coloured.

After is baked as a final tough I add Maldon sea salt  for extra crunchiness and more olive oil while is still very hot.It can only be cut after it has cooled down.

I hope you enjoyed the wonderful taste of this focaccia recipe as I enjoy every time I make it (that is, every Friday early in the morning ... believe me you wouldn't want a more enticing smell than this).





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