Seeded Sourdough

Add about quarter of a pint of rye starter, about a pint of water and mix well. Add 4-6 big handfulls of strong Shipton Mill Canadian Flour, 2-3 big handfulls of Shipton Mill Granary and a small handfull of mixed seed mix. Mix into a slightly sticky pliable dough, add more flour or water to get the right constituency so it doesnt stick to your hands but is soft enough to knead. Cover woith a damp cloth and leave for 2 hours at room temperature. Knead for 5 minutes. Leave for 3-5 hours, Add some salt and knead for 5 minutes. Put into a bread basket, cover with a damp cloth  and leave in a warm room for 3 hours, Put the oven, ideally with a pizza stone, on max. Turn the bread onto the stone, make 3 cuts then 3 more at right angles and chuck a pint of water into the oven walls. Leave for 5 minutes then rotate the bread through 180 degrees and turn the oven down to 220, bake for 30 more minutes. Hey presto a delicious loaf that took all day to make  but only required 15 minutes of your time! 

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Added by: Steve Bailey

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