Seeded Sourdough


150g sourdough starter

430g strong white bread flour

70g semolina

80g mix seeds (+ coating outside)

350g water


Autolyse dough with 325g water, for 30' in 25-30 degree C

Mix in starter, flap and fold till combine

let rest 30' then mix in 25g hot water with the seeds, knead in with the dough

Let bulk ferment for 3-4 hours

preshape the dough into a ball, bench rest 30'

shape the dough into Bread basket, leave in 2 degree C fridge for 12-24 hours

Bake at 500 degree C for 25', followed by 450 degree C for 20', or until as dask as you would like


Tags: Bread Seeds Sourdough

Added by: Nancy vu

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