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Sourdough Pizza

This is sourdough pizza, that ruin for us eating pizza anywhere in restaurants. It maybe need little bit of time with planning due to fermentation time but it is worth it

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Feed your starter by taking 10g of active mother starter and add 60g of wholemeal flour and 40g of filtered watter. Leave it on side so it doubles in size.

Main dough for 2-3 pizza I make 2 pizza out of it.


420g of white italian shipton mill flour

40 g of wholemeal

40g of semolina

330g of filtered water

10g of salt


Mix all of the flour with 300g of water and leave it on side for 1 hour. After that add the rest of 30g water, 10g of salt and 100g of starter and kneaded really well. I use the kneading machine for 10 min on mid/high speed. I would usually prepaired this dough in the evening 2 days before I would like to eat pizza. So once I kneaded dough i would put it in fridge to slow down fermentation next day i would take it out of fridge let it warm up to room tempreture and than make 4 series of stretch and fold in space of 2 hours, leave it 2-3 hours on the side and than back in fridge, till next day when I repeat the stretch and fold process and than put it bacik in fridge till next day when is ready to make pizza.

I have made pizza aswel after only one day in fridge and stretch and fold proces but the taste and puffines of pizza was slightly different.

I also make my own tomato sause which I cut red onion blanched than add tomato tin, 2 cloves of crushed garlic and once all simmered down I will blendid with while bunch of basil to creat thick paste, i also add cayenne pepper and salt but that is if you like pizza little bit spicy.


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