100% Rye Schwarzbrot

This is Black Bread! Hefty and flavoursome, but very light on the digestion.


500g Shipton organic dark rye flour

2 teaspoons salt

500g rye leaven (sourdough culture)

280 g water

2 or more teaspoons caraway seed (optional).


Mix the leaven and water well and add the flour and salt.

Slowly stir this with a strong wooden spoon/mixer until well mixed .

With floured hands, roll into a cylinder shape, roll in rye flour, and place in a well-oiled tin. It should half-fill the tin. Remember to keep the seam where the roll inevitably joins, on the bottom, or the loaf will burst un-attractively.

Cover with a cotton tea-towel/cloth then place in a plastic bag and put in a warm spot. Allow 3-4 hours to ¾ fill the tin and be well-patterned showing numerous fissures and cracks which are very attractive as the dark inner dough contrasts with the surface, frosted from being rolled in rye flour.

Schwarzbrot before cookingBake at 200°C for 1 hour. Leave to cool completely on a wire rack, then wrap in a cotton tea-towel until the next day. If the bread is cut before this, it will be dense, as this curing is traditional and necessary. 100% rye bread will keep for weeks if kept wrapped in cotton, then a plastic bag.

TIP: Schwarzbrot will be overly sour if your leaven is too old, so it's best to use the leaven when it peaks and is most active.

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