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Community Recipes

Welcome to our recipes section - a great place to find baking recipes, supplied, rated and commented upon by you and the Shipton Mill community.

We hope that you find this a useful resource, but please remember that it is only as good as the input that we receive from you ... So please do give recipes a star rating and add your comments. And add your own recipes too (we'll even give you a 15% voucher to use in our Flour Direct shop).

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Top rated

Light lemon bunsLight lemon buns
By using olive oil rather than butter, cutting down the sugar and introducing lemon into the recipe, these buns are lighter and fresher on the palette than an indulgent Danish pastry.
Cheats Pane AltamuraCheats Pane Altamura
If you've time, look on the internet for Pane Altamura and the various ways to form the loaf It's informative and fun trying something different Many thanks to ABaker for the inspiration However if you haven't try this!.
Three Malts with Marmite
Boost the delicious taste of a soft Three Malts and Sunflower loaf with a twang of the Black Stuff.


A pair of focacciasA pair of focaccias
Tasty traditional rosemary and rock salt focaccia and tangy pesto and pepperdew focaccia.
Delicious crispy pizza that the kids can help make and eat! Obviously choose any topping that you like.
Literally the BEST brownie you'll ever make.
A crunchy, chewy biscuit with zingy lemon.
Spelt Flour FlatbreadSpelt Flour Flatbread
Organic Spelt Flour Chappatis (Flatbreads) you can eat with Soups and Cooked Vegetables.
Jamaican Ginger CakeJamaican Ginger Cake
Sticky and sweet - improves having been kept in an airtight container for a few days.