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Why We're Switching to All Organic Yeast

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Regular users of our site will notice we're phasing out and stopping supply of non-organic/conventional yeast and are switching to purely organic for all our yeast ingredients. This is why....

Better for You

To produce conventional yeast, chemical nitrogen sources as ammonia, ammonia salts and lyes as well as acids including sulphuric acid, synthetic vitamins and growth substances are used. (Find out more about chemical additives in non-organic yeast).

Unlike conventional yeast, BIOREAL organic yeast is produced using organic cereals without the use of chemical additives during fermentation.

Selected strains of yeast and lactic acid bacteria cultures are bred in a wholly organic nutrient solution made from organic grain, pure spring water and enzymes. All micro-organisms and raw materials used are guaranteed non-GMO, organic ingredients.

Better for you.

Better for the Environment

The BIOREAL fermentation process uses no chemical additives and sunflower oil is used as an anti-foaming agent. Since no chemicals are used, BIOREAL organic yeast needs no rinsing either, so no chemically contaminated waste water is produced.

Since all plant equipment is steam-cleaned, disinfectants are also unecessary. Even waste water from plant cleaning is free from chemical contamination.

Better for the environment.

Further Benefits

A further benefit is that the organic fermentation medium also forms the basis of additional baking products such as sponge or yeast sourdough starter.

This way of production is particularly eco-friendly and sustainable. For this reason, BIOREAL organic yeast is certified nationally and internationally by organic certification.

Recent Developments

Until recently it wasn't possible to buy fresh organic yeast. Recent advancements in manufacturing however, means it is now possible to produce both fresh and dried yeast organically. It is this recent development which enabled us to ditch the chemicals and choose purely organic yeast for all our baking.

Want to know more about the comparitive manufacturing processes of conventional v organic yeast? "Why you may want to consider switching to organic yeast"

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