We are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Our thoughts are with the The Royal Family at this incredibly sad time as we join the nation in mourning the loss of our beloved Sovereign.

May she rest in peace.

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A closer look at a variety of food and baking related topics

Italian Breads and Baking

In Italy every city and hill town has its own unique traditions of baking. No Italian would contemplate a meal without bread. Find out about these amazing breads and bake them for yourself with recipes from our "Discover Italian Baking" day.

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Starters and Ferments

Confused by ferments and starters? We get lots of email enquiries and posts on our Facebook page about this subject. We thought it was worth a Focus of its own for anyone else out there confused by the issue.

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Making Bread with Rye

“Comin` thro` the Rye” … an ancient rhyme made into a song by Burns, and “Catcher in the Rye” attest to the role of Rye as a cereal in the UK, now enjoying a revival after centuries of largely being ignored. Rye IS different and making bread with it a new

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Time for buns ...

As Christmas approaches, we thought it only right to tempt you with some baker's winter treats. And what better treat to have in the cupboard for a hungry moment or a roomful of guests than that brilliantly British institution, the good old-fashioned bun.

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The Easiest Bread Ever

We are trying to perfect the easiest way to bake bread ever. Early results have been very tasty, if aesthetically challenging. Find out more and join us on our mission to uncover the easier way to make bread ever.

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Baking with Spelt

Spelt is a traditional wheat with a strong future. It delivers a great and health benefits. Find out what you can use spelt flour for.

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The most widely eaten and perhaps the ultimate flatbread - a closer look at pizza, where it came from and how to make it delicious!

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Great British Loaves

A guest blog from retired police officer turned micro-baker Steve Ackland bringing us loaves inspired by the best of British.

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Yeast Cakes.....or Are They Bread?

Cakes as we know them are a thoroughly modern invention and today are usually aerated with either bi-carbonate of soda or baking powder. Prior to this, cakes were leavened with various types of yeast.

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Making it easy

Our recent articles and recipes on easy ways to product great bread have had a great response - see what people have made of it.

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Also known as gruel...do we need to talk about porridge? indeed.

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