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Baking @ShiptonMill

We are millers, not bakers, but we do have direct access to some of the best baking expertise in the industry. So whilst we may not have the answer to every baking question readily available on this site, we can very likely find you the answer if you drop us a line.

More importantly, it is our product that is the central baking ingredient; it underpins everything that a baker does and by providing the best ingredient we hope to give all bakers, at whatever skill level, the best possible start.

In a similar way, this baking section isn't about us telling you how to bake, it is about providing a resource that will help you to help yourselves.

It aims to give inspiration to your baking, to encourage you to try new things and to share your baking with other who will appreciate it.

We hope you have fun using it.

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What's new?

French BreadFrench Bread
Crusty French bread stirring memories of the authentic village boulangerie.
Russian Black BreadRussian Black Bread
I’m talking about my beloved recipe for Russian Black Bread, a pumpernickel bread for people who think that standard pumpernickel with it’s paltry seven ingredients is just not trying hard enough.
Simple white breadSimple white bread
Simple but very effective white bread recipe for loaves,French sticks and rolls.
Country BreadCountry Bread
A lovely naturally leavened bread with a mix of bread flour, whole wheat and whole rye.